Video Clips

As several of our puppies are sold overseas, and many people within the UK have to travel long distances to see our puppies 'in the flesh', we hope prospective buyers will find it useful to see videos of some typical litters, to ensure their journey's worthwhile! For ease of reference, we've also included here links to other videos on the site. We hope you enjoy them!


Stud Dog: Chancellor Brown at Jimjoy (Gordon)

Stud Dog: Widgerwood Styled to Please by Jimjoy (Elk)

Retired Stud Dog: Chestnut Wych Jamie at Jimjoy (Chesney)

Retired Stud Dog: Happy Crusader for Jimjoy (Bertie)

Retired Stud Dog: Badajos Alfie Moon (Alfie)

Retired Stud Dog: Holmajor Wayfarer of Jimjoy (Ross)

Brood bitches enjoying a morning swim


Thanks go to the owners of puppy Penny (yellow) and youngster Sophie Corner for sending these super photos of their girls fascinated by the website videos - apparently they both enjoy a spot of web browsing!

Please hover over either of the photos to see a larger image.  


Black puppies at 7 weeks

Yellow puppies at 7 weeks

Chocolate puppies at 5 weeks

Chocolate puppies at 5 weeks  (another litter!)

Yellow puppies at 6 weeks

Chocolate puppies at 7 weeks