News from our Owners

We are delighted to say that we regularly receive letters and e-mails (often with photographs), praising the quality and temperament of our dogs, thanking us for the help and support we offer both during and after their sale, and - most importantly! - letting us know how they're getting on.  We are always delighted to receive them and would like to share with you extracts from some of them. If you would like to send us news and/or a current photo for inclusion in the website, please click here.

PLEASE NOTE:  Titles in red have a link to a photo. Entries in green are about those who sadly are no longer with us (tissues will be needed to read these!)  

ABBY HOUGHTON [Jimjoy December Cheer]

Just a quick pic and note to say thank you again. As you can see she loves her morning walk including diving in the rivers and pools. She's 14 months now and feeling her feet! She's passed her GCSC KC Bronze and Silver obedience training in a month of each other and now going for gold! If ever she would stop being so inquisitive  lol.... Love her to bits and she really has taken over my house giving a new lease of life to my elder lab and gsd.
Stacy Houghton


Just a short note to say that Abbey has settled in very well. She is a very bright girl already comes,sits and goes to the outside toilet and has found the damson tree which took Amber our last lab 5 years!!!! She has put on 1.5kg in the past two weeks, we will be collecting damsons, apples, pears and plums on a daily basis as we have no doubt Abbey will be there first if left to nature!

Peter and Nadine Simpkin


Just wanted to let you know that Abby has settled in beautifully. Seems to have taken a shine to Matthew as you can see! He's the serious animal lover of the three so she's chosen wisely! We will keep in touch.

Sarah Berry (Ascot)

Sadly, Abby is no longer with us as the result of a tragic, freak accident. The Berry family now have Poppy, who is helping them come to terms with their loss.


Thank you, Jimjoy. Alfie is perfect and has such a lovely temperament.

Peter and Mary Heald (Solihull)


Alfie has a lovely temperament and despite his rather over excitable behaviour, gets on with Lola (now 5) brilliantly as well as all 4 of the children who just love his mischievous ways!!!!! ( his latest involved stealing and of course eating a freshly baked cake!).

Dee Hinton (Stratford-upon-Avon)


We took home Alfie (Jimjoy Jimmy Jazzman) last November after meeting him three weeks earlier. Since then he has gone from strength to strength and at present is 36 kgs of lean fitness. I have resisted the temptation to write before but thought you would be glad to receive an update as Alfie is just a few weeks off his first birthday. After the first two days of nervous shyness when we brought Alfie home he bounced into life and into our hearts. Neither his energy nor our affection for him has ceased growing since. His training is coming on in leaps and bounds and he is a joy to take out and is complimented regularly on how well behaved and intelligent he is. He mastered his house training almost instantly and within weeks had the basics of sit, stay, down and hello, etc. We put a lot into his training, along with the Gundog Club, and it never ceases to amaze us how quickly he grasps the various ideas. He is now a Junior Retriever. Although he hasn't started water retrieves yet Alfie does not miss a single opportunity for a swim. Indeed after watching the video of Alfie's sire (Chestnut Wych Jamie) you realise how much genetics have to answer for. Happily though, other than Dad's love of swimming, he has also inherited his handsome looks. Fortunately the local common is 300 yards from the front door so he is never short of exercise or room to run. We have a horse stabled nearby and he has behaved impeccably around the horses which he may relate to his early days at Birchwood. Since Alfie's arrival Jen has worked as a nurse for a large veterinary group. As a result Alfie's health, weight and overall condition are monitored strictly. Despite his disappointment at not being able to eat everything that stays still for long enough, the praise he receives from both top vets and other dog owners is incredibly flattering and a testament to his breeding. It is simply amazing the number of people who approach to compliment him. His shiny dark chocolate coat constantly draws comments. While as a puppy one expects him to have a fan club, to our surprise as he has grown, due to his good looks and lovable nature, far from diminishing his fan club seems to grow. Despite being 1% mischievous devil, Alfie is 99% an intelligent, loving and hard working Labrador. We could not be more pleased with him and the impact he has had on our lives. Every bit of effort put into him we receive back ten fold with his sharpness and affection. We cannot thank you enough but hope this update is a start.

Jamie and Jennifer O'Hara (Raynes Park, London)


Amber is almost 6 now and has spent the last 3 years living in Sydney, Australia. Amber is truly a most wonderful pet and probably the most cherished member of our family. She really stands out in the crowd here and we are constantly stopped so people can give her 5 minutes of love! Thankyou Jimjoy for our girl! 

Jason Hogan (Australia)


Amber is now 18 months old. Shes a thriving, full of energy and life puppy! We couldnt have chosen a better puppy, she settled in from the word go. we constantly get compliments on how beautiful she is and is the spitting image of her dad - Alfie Moon.

Jane Sampson

ANDY BIGHAM (sorry, don't know name of dog!)

We just thought we would send a thank you email to you. We bought our Labrador from you two years ago. Both me and my wife love him loads and he is a proud member of our family. Your kennel has to be the best I've ever seen and I would recommend you to anyone.

Andy Bigham


Now that we have had Angus for 4 weeks, I thought I’d let you know what a super puppy he still is!!  He was much admired by our vet on his first visit for inoculations and much admired by everyone who has seen him since!!  He is a very confident, out-going little character and we have all had endless fun with him.  Lottie, our existing chocolate, was a bit iffy for two days but then became his best friend.  He follows her a lot around the garden and has picked up lots of good habits from her.  Toilet training is virtually  done - odd excited dribbles!! – and he is clearly an intelligent little chap which is just great.  Night times too have been no problem – not one single disturbed night and he sleeps alone in his crate in the kitchen.   So all in all, a very good start and we are delighted to have him – a great addition to the family!   Thank you for the first class job you have made in his breeding and initial upbringing!!  We’ll keep you posted!!

Fiona and Duncan Jones (Herefordshire)


He loves the apples on our tree, is a great swimmer, very friendly to all dogs and people, and loves to go long walks with our son Stuart. Here is a photo of me on holiday in Devon. I had a great time down on the beach every day, meeting lots of other dogs on holiday too, running through the sea and along the beach. I am looking forward to my next trip to the seaside.

Angus Kidd (via his proud 'mum', Liz!)


Archie, our gorgeous black Labrador puppy, has settled into family life a treat. He is, we think, the 'Mary Poppins' of puppies - PRACTICALLY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY!! He has only been with us for four weeks, but we can't imagine life without him now. He was house trained from the word go and learned to come, sit and shake a paw within a couple of days. We are now working on lie down, but preferably without rolling over for a tummy rub every time! He has a wonderful temperament and, although he is still only very young, he is always very keen to please. We have been practising walking around the garden on the lead, he walks beautifully and we can't wait to go and show him off around the village. He really is the best puppy in the world, thank you!

The Bayliss Family (Astwood Bank, Worcestershire)


...  Archie has settled well into his new home - he has the most wonderful temperament, he's still really laid back apart from when he has his puppy mad 5 mins, and he is very gentle with Daisy.   Housetraining is progressing well, we've started doing some basic training and he already knows the sit, down and leave/take it commands, we start puppy school in a few weeks when he's had his 2nd vaccinations.

Sarah Kiddle, Gloucestershire


Archie has settled in very well. He is eating well and sleeping a lot, but does enjoy a "mad half hour" in the evenings when he runs around the lounge and plays with his toys. Our older dog Harry was a bit suspicious of him at first and has put him in his place a couple of times, but now he has decided to ignore him most of the time. Archie however loves Harry and lies by the side of him quite often. We are thrilled with our new arrival and love him to bits. Many thanks for all your help and advice.

Andy and Lynn Morris (Stratford-upon-Avon)

ARCHIE TAYLOR (Jimjoy Aim to Please)

I'm just writing to say thank you for producing such a wonderful dog. We have had Archie for just over 11 years now and he has been an absolute joy to have in our lives, everyone who meets him comments on what a lovely dog he is. We sadly do not have very long left with him as he has developed a very rare type of bone cancer in his skull. Thankfully he is still very much the dog that we have always adored and is enjoying all the extra fuss, treats and toys that have been  lavished upon him. We really could not have dreamed of a having a better dog in our lives and are so thankful for the time we have had with him. Many thanks once again, for such a wonderful companion.
Billie-Anne McCarthy


Aussie has settled down very well. He is already house trained, found himself some sleeping spots including the dog basket, not at all scared of the cat unlike Brook, completely different character. We love him to bits.

Yvonne and Colin Fagence (Twickenham)

BADGER PACEY [Jimjoy Stirling]

We entered Badger in the dog show at the TR Register International Weekend at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern last weekend.  He came second in the best in show category.  This is a picture of him wearing his rosette. We are so pleased with our little chap who is exactly four months old today.

Jackie Pacey


Bagel (13) and Roo (7) have both been (and continue to be) an absolute joy...

Geoff Young


We are very happy with Bailey and he is a great addition to our lives. He is full of character, loves to swim, search, find and retrieve objects and seems healthy and content. And he is relatively obedient and very calm in uncertain situations! We cannot imagine being without him.

Karen and Jem Armstrong


Bailey has an excellent temperament, is great with the kids, brilliant on his walks and is an overall nutter!! It seems like we have never been without him so thank you for selling us such a wonderful dog.

Claire, Dave, Samuel and Harry Brisbourne (Walsall)


Bailey and Harvey really are best of friends. Bailey is huge and Harvey seems to be getting taller before filling out a bit. Every one of the dogs gets on with him, but of course Bailey and Harvey have a clear bond. I think calling them best of friends is an understatement!

Ollie and Glenda Davidson

BAILEY JAMES (happily rescued after an unfortunate first home)

Thought you might like to see how Bailey looks now. He is growing into a fine dog. He goes to training classes and is now working towards his bronze. He had his puppy certificate and rosette a little while ago now.

Update from Bailey:

As you probably remember, it's my birthday today, I'm one year old. Thought I would send you a recent photo of myself to show you what a handsome chap I've become. Here I am inspecting the ravishes of the floods. I still go to training classes and have now passed my bronze award. Everyone is very pleased with me. Please give my love to Mummy and Daddy.

Stella James


We cannot thank you enough. He is such a pleasure to have around.

Jay Jones (Redditch)


Just to let you know that our puppy (named Bailey) has really settled in very well. We didn't have any quiet period at all, just went into mad mode as soon as he met our German Shepherd, who has really taken to him and they are already great friends. Holly does not like him hanging off her tail and we do have to move him when we feed her as he will attempt to eat for her. His vet check and first vaccination went well and he was passed fit and "very healthy". We have had no noise overnight and hardly any mess overnight either. Still a few puddles on the floor, but that is to be expected, but generally toilet training is going very well. He is certainly very confident, playful and loves our son - everything that we could have asked for.

Katherine and Jon Larter

BAILEY LLOYD (Jimjoy Mr Fantastic)

Firstly thank you for such a fantastic dog, Bailey is now  14mths and is a pleasure to own and we're very proud of him. What a chunky handsome boy - he is adored by everybody everywhere we go. Brilliant puppy from day one who just fitted into our lives so easily, started training classes a few weeks ago (a bit late I know) but he has been so easy to deal with just need to polish up on a few grey areas! Once again thank you for a great dog who has brought so much happiness and pleasure into our home and lives

Neil and Ade Lloyd (Ludlow)


Just a short note to say thanks for the lovely puppy (we have named him Bailey). He has settled in fine, as you can see from the photo!

John Vickers (St Albans)


Bailey is now 5 months old. He entered the PDSA Charity Show on his routine walk down at Himley Country Park and we're very pleased to say he won 3rd in Smartest Dog. He did: sit, stay, paw 1, paw 2, down, and circle around owner - when asked. Please find enclosed a picture of him enjoying himself on the day.


Bailey is a picture of obedience, except with his love of the sofa! And he's a big boy for 9 months old! Loving every second with him!

Becky Corbett and Tony Warner


Barley has settled in extremely well, stealing everyone's hearts and generally taking over!! She is gorgeous and seems quite bold and biddable. She is due for her final vaccinations this week and will be going to her first puppy party!

Toni Cantrill

BARNEY KELLETT (jJimjoy Bertie Balti)

Barney Rubble the dark chocolate Labrador and his best pal Bigdog Murphy, inseperable friends that love to go shooting with their masters.  Bigdog was very poorly and needed a life saving blood transfusion and his best pad Barney Rubble came to his rescue.  Bigdog lying in hospital very poorly brightened the minute Barney came to see him, and Barney seemed to sense his pal needed his help.  Glad to say Bigdog fully recovered thanks to his mate Barney.

Tina Kellett

BARNEY WILLETTS [Jimjoy Apple Cobbler]

We had Barney about 6 years ago from you and he is the most loving softest lump of Labrador anyone could ever wish to have. I must say I do get proud when strangers come up to us and say how handsome he is. I have recently recommended several customers to you.

Robert Willetts

BARNEY WRIGHT [Jimjoy Girls Best Friend]

... Barney has slept all night every night since the first, which is absolutely incredible. He is just about house trained, although sometimes gets things the wrong way round (has a wee then runs to the door) - so he is on the right track. He has met loads of different people including the postman and binmen, babies, children, etc, and is happy to see them all. Funnily enough he was spooked by the sight of either of us with a coffee cup held up to our face. He picks most things up very quickly. He recognises and responds 8/10 to "come", and 100% to "sit", "leave", "take it" and "shake a paw - not bad for someone who's not even 10 weeks old.

Peter Wright (Shrewsbury)


We took Baron to our vet, who commented how good looking he was and could she refer him  for breeding when older. I was taken back by the attention the vet office had given him when I walked in everyone stated how good looking he was. Baron has settled in very nicely. He already knows how to sit and his name, this week we are working on paw. His puppy biting has become limited with us .. we did buy him a beef bone, which entertains him for a while! My husband is so impressed he wants another one next year!

Thank you again!

Linda (Philadelphia, USA)

BASIE TOMLINSON (Jimjoy June Jackpot)

Basie is now coming up to 11 months old, and a more handsome, affectionate and endearing dog would be hard to find. He has won the hearts not only of the family, but everyone that gets to know him. He has a level of confidence and joie de vivre which I have not experienced with any of my previous dogs, and to date we have not found him to be at all fazed by any situation he has encountered. He thought Bonfire Night was amazing when he was 4 months old, and sat outside the back door gazing in wonder at the flashes and explosions in the sky with obvious enjoyment. He adores his visits to the vet, and feels cheated of a social opportunity if the waiting room is empty, or if he doesn't get a full examination by the vet (which, incidentally, usually has to be conducted with some difficulty with him lying flat on his back and grinning!). Last time I took him in to weigh him out of surgery hours, he broke loose and ran round all the consulting rooms looking for vet nurses to chat to. And recently when  we took him to the  kennels, he leapt out of the car on arrival, raced round the back of the building to find his favourite  kennel maid, and disappeared from view without a backward glance! We can always go on holiday with a clear conscience. My only difficulty with our gorgeous dog occurs if I'm gardening. If I let him watch me, he insists on helping, both at the time and afterwards, and I really don't need him to do the excessive pruning he goes in for, nor can I convince him that the plants I leave in the border are not weeds, and don't need to be pulled out. However, he's a dab hand with a watering can and as long as we don't get a hosepipe ban, we'll be fine! Thank you Anne for our lovely boy............he was aptly named by you. He is a Joy and we do feel we've hit the Jackpot!

Alison Tomlinson (Worcestershire)


Sadly he slipped peacefully away this morning, and he is now with Percy (the cat who always slept with him) in the garden. His quality of life had gone especially in his last few days, so he is now at rest.

Helen Sowerby 

BAXTER STOKER [Jimjoy Sensational Style at Madgack]

I have been showing Baxter quite regularly at open shows and he has done quite well! He had his first championship show last weekend - South Wales Kennel Club Championship Show in Builth Wells - and he was placed first in his puppy class. I was so pleased. I also took him to the NWLRC and he was placed 3rd there, so we qualified for Crufts at both!

Emma Stoker


We thought we would let you know that Bear, our yellow Labrador puppy, is fantastic. She is 11 weeks old today. We can't believe how quickly she is growing. She has been to puppy classes at our vets and has been a real super star. Nothing seems to faze her.


She is 21 weeks old now and has started her dog obedience classes. She is very good at stay, sit, down and recall. She shakes hands too!! She is a lovely colour and all our friends and family love her to bits. We took her on her first camping trip to Cornwall and she was brilliant in the tent.

Lesley Swann (Leamington Spa)


.. The vet was pleased with her and very pleased we went to a good breeder who gave us all the information and parental background of Bella. He thought she was beautiful and commented on her build, saying that it makes a change for a puppy to come in with so much information  and in such good condition and a lovely stocky build. ... my two girls, family and many friends went mad when they saw her, she has had enough kisses and cuddles to last her a lifetime.

Tina, Gary, Kerry and Natalie Blacklock (Kent)


... Thanks for a perfect dog.

Matthew Chambers


... She is a complete delight.  Everything you could wish for in a happy confident young Labrador and we are thrilled to bits with her.

Janet Plunkett (Worcs)

I got Ben from you in 1996. Sadly he died 6 months ago (Jan 2012). I just wanted you to know what a wonderful Labrador he was. He didn’t take much training, and was fantastic with children - he adored them! He was a truly unique personality, who loved people (obviously for all the fuss and the possibility of a treat!). He was well known by many people in our area, many of whom came out to see him as they saw us walking past. He was famous for

carrying a stick (which he would drop when we stopped to chat to someone, and promptly begin chewing!). He gave myself and my family/friends 16 years of wonderful intelligence and companionship. He was truly a credit to Jimjoy. I would not hesitate to get my next Lab from you, when I feel the time is right. Thank you so much. I have enclosed a photo of him from mid 2010 when he was 14 and a half years old. His coat is fluffier than usual as he has just been swimming (hydrotherapy, to help his back legs).
Stuart Byng


Ben celebrated his 13th birthday this week and is still enjoying life to the full. He is a bit deaf but can still hear the treat cupboard being opened. He had to see the vet a couple of weeks ago for an upset tummy and she checked his blood while he was there. When she saw the results for his liver and kidney tests she was amazed at how good they were for a dog of Ben's age.

Here he is with his birthday cards and yes that is his happy face.

Lindsay and Gwenda Findlay (Scotland)


Just a note to say "thank you" for our new dog, BJ. He has certainly brightened our lives! His temperament is already showing through and we couldn't wish for a nicer dog. He seems very contented and settled into his new surrounds almost immediately. He is getting used to going outside to do the necessary and we don't hear a sound from him during the night, which was very surprising. The vet gave him a clean bill of health. Thanks once again for this lovely dog.

Ron & Mary Johnson (Stourbridge)


.. Benjamin's been a little star. He and Beatrix are inseparable. She mothers him, shows him the ropes and plays heartily with him. They are going to be great buddies. He's so beautifully settled in. Even knows his name!! A Big thank you for such a lovely puppy.

Corinne Norman (Colchester)


Benji travelled home fine in the car on the two-hour journey, with just a couple of little cries. He soon settled in and slept all through the first night until 6 am. He now always sleeps through the night and we have never had a mess or heard anything from him overnight. He was toilet trained very quickly and we couldn't believe how few accidents we had. He has now got most of his adult teeth so we're not covered in scratches any more! He is still chewing the skirting board though! His personality is brilliant, he is so playful and loving with everyone he meets, humans and other dogs. In fact he would be more than happy to run around all day every day playing with anyone he could. His training is coming on and he is becoming an obedient dog (well, most of the time!) He is quite mischievous, but he is so funny with it that we just have to laugh at him. He loves his walks, especially being off the lead so he can investigate the woods! He has even started sniffing around the stream and has jumped in the shallow part once. I'm sure it won't be long until he is swimming in it. We're hoping he waits until the summer though as we don't fancy going in after him in this weather! He was very spoilt at Christmas and enjoyed meeting lots of new people. He is very sociable and everyone comments how playful he is and what a happy dog he is. Thank you so much for letting us have such a lovely dog, who we would be lost without now.

Becky and Oliver Jones

BENSON HORDELL [Jimjoy Going Places]

.. We are now discovering that Benson has more character every day, especially when he meets a lady Benson! Benson has given our family a new lease of life, especially on country walks with the family. He still is not sure of the water but loves dirty puddles. I would like to thank you once again for supplying us with such a wonderful new member to our family.

Simon Hordell (Tamworth)


... After winning Best in Show 2005 (armature), Beth, along with her 'brothers' Harry (Jimjoy Jamaica Rum descendant) and Neo (not related) were on the front cover of Lovable Labs Calendar 2006. She was a very well behaved puppy and has become a beautiful lady. It's a joy to be owned by her.

Janet and Mick Machin


I thought you might like to see a photo of Biddy on her 1st Birthday. A you can see she is beautiful she quite enjoys posing for the camera!  he is coming along really well with her training   ... still feels the need to welcome everyone though! At last she has taken to the water and will swim although not as keen as some of our others have been . It's funny they are all different and we are constantly delighted at some of her antics  ...  she knows she is not allowed on the sofas but will come and put her front paws and her head on your knee and go to sleep, inevitably she sinks slowly in the West!  Thank you again for bringing such a bundle of joy back into our lives .

Carol Steele (Solihull)


He went through the night from the beginning and is very bold and curious. I am sure that you taught him to sit before you fed him, as he does this and knows the word ‘sit’, so thank you. He has been to the yard and met the horses. He comes with me everywhere in the car and will be a super companion. ... I am so glad that I chose you as a breeder and him in particular. I like the combination that you have of professionalism and the obvious love you have for your dogs.

Lynn Kirby (Bucks)


Just a quick line to let you know that Binkie has settled in well and is full of fun. Our old girl is very patient and they are now good friends. .. We all love her to bits and she has established herself as a true family member. She is off to school for her first puppy socialisation class and I am sure she will love it as she likes new experiences and is quite confident.

Anne Smith (Reading)

BISTO MARSHALL (retired brood bitch)

As you know, you kindly let us have Bisto as a companion to our other rather boisterous dog. Evee (our rescue dog) used to be rather unsociable and get over excited when around other dogs, but Bisto has been wonderful in ‘showing her the ropes’ in doggie behaviour and has made a tremendous influence on what used to be a bit of a handful! Bisto has been and continues to be a much loved member of the family. Her temperament is wonderful and she is a joy to have around.

Suzie Marshall


Just thought I would send you a picture of Bonnie to show you how she's doing. She is lovely and a brilliant family pet.

Thank you for such a great Labrador for our family.

Oliver Thomas (Dudley, West Midlands)


Everyone that meets Bovril comments on how good looking and relaxed he is. We proudly tell them he is a JimJoy puppy.
Julie Neave


Just to let you know our puppy Bracken is doing very well. She has coped with a very busy time at Christmas and loves meeting new people.  Puppy training starts on Sunday and she can alredy sit (but not stay for too long yet!). Our Elkhound is tolerating her very well.
Cheryl Stephan (Worcester)


Bracken has taken on the role of Nanny and has watched over the children and has happily been their climbing frame too with never even a cross look. Now she is an old lady (10), the children look after her! Our gentle, beautiful Bracken has been our joy from day one. The photo attached is of my first baby (6 yrs ago now). Bracken spent such a long time watching her in this position, that we went through 3 baby bouncers as they couldn't take Bracken's weight!

Clair Wannell


I have attached a picture of Bramble and Fudge aged 8 and 14 years (2009) respectively. As you can see they are a beautiful pair of chocolate labs!

Carol and Chris Evans (Warwick)


Just to let you know how our puppy, Brandy, is getting on in bonny Newcastle! Well, what can I say? Brandy is just an absolute angel! Even from day 1, she only had a couple of accidents on the carpet, but within about two days she was completely house trained. She hasn't chewed anything yet! She is really good company, especially if my husband goes out, she tries to get as close as she can to me, which is really cute. When we take her on her usual walks during the day/night, we always get people coming up to us asking where we got her from, as she is so gorgeous - so I'm sure you will be getting a few 'phone calls from a few Geordies asking about puppies! Thank you so much again for our gorgeous Brandy.

Adele Ternent (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)


Back in January 1995 we bought a black bitch puppy from you ... we called her Brenna. Sadly, Brenna passed away two weeks ago, aged 12. I am writing to you to say what a lovely dog she was and what a huge difference she made to us. She was a puppy when our first child was born and has since helped us bring up and look after another child and 2 more puppies (sadly not hers). She was my rock and my nanny and we all miss her hugely. Not only was she a perfect house dog but a very good working dog too (one of the best retrievers on the shoot). She remained fit and fully active to the end ... We want to thank you for her and thought you might like this photograph of her taken in Scotland last summer. She could keep up with the best of them!

Amelia Jackson (Farnborough)


Bruce is 5 months now and has settled in well. He's very calm and well behaved, though sometimes a little mischievious! He's definitely helped heal the sadness of losing our previous dog. We all love him to bits. Thank you so much for our wonderful boy.  

Julie Purvin (Redditch)


We had Bruno off Jimjoy 4 months ago and have just had a little friend for him called Ellie. They are the bestest of friends and it didn't take either one of them to settle and be happy. Jimjoy are truly amazing and we would like to thank them on everything they have done for us - useful information, excellent communication and above all their brilliant dogs.

Liz Morris (Birmingham)


I just wanted to let you know that Buddy is the absolute love of our lives and we're so pleased that we got him from you. He is so loving and tolerant, putting up with the children and never complaining when they try to dress him up (in return for a belly rub!), and has grown into a very handsome and highly intelligent dog. We look forward to many more years with him and thank you for your advice in the early days and for breeding such a wonderful animal.

The Hammocks Family (Middlesex)


Buster is still doing well. He is a goodlooking powerful dog. It is surprising how many Labrador owners have made comments, and asked where I bought him from. I have told them to look at your website.


BUTTON BRENNAN [Jimjoy Style and Flair]

Just to let you know that Button has settled in really well and is turning into a fantastic dog. she loves people and exploring the big wide world. Thank you for a wonderful dog with a great little character about her.

Tony and Debbie Brennan (Gloucester)


They are fantastic dogs and they adore swimming and sleeping on my bed! Can't wait to have a new addition ... Attached a lovely photo of Canyon and Tulsa to include on your lovely new website.

Karen Tait


I just wanted to let you know that Cassie has settled in really well. She had a relatively quiet night and is starting to enjoy herself. Thanks very much for her. We think she is beautiful. We will keep you posted with her progress.

Stacy Hewerdine


Cassie is a very happy, loving little girl and she is everything we could have ever hoped and wished for in our family pet She adores children,playing fetch although she doesnt pass us the ball and finds it funny to run around with it, and she loves going out in the car and for walks along the riverside. She is one very unique girley. She is now 1 year old  and her personality grows more and more every day. Cassie is adorable!! Labradors are not only a pet, but become your best friend and companion.

Hayley Powell


I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoy your website and especially the videos and photos! Charlie is the love of our life; we have always loved Labradors, but he has to be the soppiest dog we have ever met. He adores his cuddles and kisses and loves having a cuddle on the settee in the evenings. Charlie is also amazingly perceptive and we have not only taught him the usual tricks, such as sit, down, play dead and speak, but we have also trained him to use a certain part of the garden to do his business! Many thanks and keep up the good work!

Anne, Dave and Lauren


.. He has settled in very well and is so playful. He knows what's right and what's wrong and listens when he is told something! He has been out for 3 walks now with his first one on Christmas Day and now whenever he sees his lead he gets excited and jumps up so that he can go for a walk! We have recommended your Labradors to many of our friends and family because of how pleased we were with the conditions of the dogs' kennels, the parents' temperament and their chunkiness, and just how when we went to visit you and your puppies the fact they were all jumping up which made my dad want to take them all! Thank you again.

The Buchanan Family


It’s been two weeks now since Charlie relocated to his new home and I thought you would like to know that he is settling in very well. Apart from a couple of minor accidents we consider him house trained already.Our two elderly cats took to the stairs for 24 hours but now touch noses without problem. As forecast, Charlie has brought out the mothering instinct in our elderly Labrador and she is teaching him what he needs to know - he is already sitting at road crossings with little prompting.

Peter Bytheway (Tewkesbury)

CHARLIE QUINTON [Jimjoy Pleasure Seeker]

Charlie will be 6 in September, she is amazing, the most loyal dog I have ever had, She can still be lively but is also very soft at times and loves her cuddles on the sofa, She always wants to be close to myself and other members of the family even if it means sitting on top of us!  Charlie has always been a very quick learner and is eagar to please at all times, she loves other dogs, gets on perfectly with our cats, and enjoys spending time with children.

She is perfect in every way and I wouldn’t change anything about her. I will always come to Jimjoy in the future for Labradors and I have recommended you to lots of people. Thank you so much for Charlie.

Rachel Quinton


Charlie has grown into such a beautiful, handsome dog. We couldn’t have asked for a better role model than Charlie. He is so wonderfully natured and well behaved we are hoping Georgie (Springer Spaniel) will grow to be the same way (praying more than hoping!). Thank you for such a gorgeous dog.
Cheryl and Simon Richardson (Aylesbury, Bucks)


My daughter, son and I remember travelling to just look at some chocolate Labrador puppies 13 years ago.  We fell in love with Charlie Van-Eetvelt and she sealed our friendship with a kiss and from that moment she joined our family. Charlie died early January and we miss her so and badly feel her loss. We are so grateful for all the love, friendship and happiness we have shared with her over 13 years, thank you.

Gill Van-Eetvelt

CHASE PASK [Jimjoy Such a Special One]

.. Chase joined our family in March 2007. He is nearly 2 years old now and absolutely adorable.

Annette Pask (Grantham)


We got Chester off you 14 years ago. He sadly had to be put down for his sake at the end of February 2011. I just wanted to thank you for giving my family the opportunity of having got to protect and love the most amazing campanion anyone could ask for. RIP, Chester x



Chester has been such a fantastic dog we have gone back to Jimjoy and now we have Harvey.

Georgina Gilmore


Well Chip is nearly 12 weeks, and the great outdoors beckons. I'm going to do a website about Chip, just some photos and any funny stories that he gets up to. Will send some more pictures and give my website address when up an running.

Darren Colloff (Dorset)

CHIPS DOHERTY [Jimjoy Cider Sipper]

... He is a great dog and plays all the time. He is such a character. Thank you.

The Doherty Family


I bought a Labrador off yourselves two years ago. I named him "Chopper". Best purchase I've ever made!!

Spencer Scott


Coco was 13 weeks when we brought him home. I feel the need to put this in writing to say what a fantastic dog - very placid, easily pleased, he has bags of love to give, keen to please us, the list is endless, he is adorable...we didn't think we would get another one llike our first dog from you but he has proven otherwise....many thanks for years of fun with him xxx

Mrs T Dyke


.. We all love her very much and she has a lovely nature, which I'm so pleased about.

Nicky Mason


We purchased a black Labrador bitch (Connie) from you nearly 17 years ago, she was 8 weeks, sadly we lost her on Friday. I wanted you to know what a wonderful dog she was. I have never known such a gentle temperament, in all her years she never once growled or showed any unhappiness. We trusted her totally with all children, she only ever gave love. We did not have any health problems at all, even in her last months she remained relatively well, age just got the better of her. She was very loved and we will miss her dreadfully, we don't feel ready for another dog just yet, however, when the time is right I would love to have another from yourselves. Thank you for a beautiful dog,

Amanda Clifton


Cooper will be 4 this week and is still giving us as much joy as the day we collected him. He is extremely calm around children and still has his puppy face. Thanks again.

Stuart and Emma Bleazard

COOPER STEPHAN [Jimjoy Worcester Wanderer]

In October Cooper did a test over 2 days - one of the highest hunting tests for retrievers in Germany. He came third and I was very happy with Cooper and his work over these two days. Earlier in the year he won a Dummy class with 80 out of 80 points (19 dogs started).

Jan-Peter Stephan (Germany)


..... and I was impressed at how well the animals were so obviously cared for.  I just wanted to tell you that Courtney (a rehomed adult bitch) is getting on well.  She travelled all the way home with no problem at all and has settled in already! We already have her sitting to hand commands, and she came shopping with us in Pets at Home to choose her new accessories and treats - she was so well behaved and everyone loved her.  I can't say how impressed we all are with her lovely nature and temperament - my in-laws have really fallen in love with her, and I know she is going to fit into the family really well (she has met the grandchildren briefly and was as good as gold with them).  I will keep you updated on her progress and thank you once again for all your help, and for giving us such a wonderful new companion.


Daaney arrived here onto the island (Isle of Man) on the 1st January and I have to say it is as if he has lived with us for ever. Our other two Labradors have taken to him wonderfully. He is a bundle of trouble and joy in equal measures and what a cheeky puppy! He is just a pleasure. He travels well he has had his first check up with our vets - so far so good. Many many thanks. He has made us smile lots.

Pauline Francis Berry


Just a quick note to thank you again for Daisy.  She has had all of her injections and is now experiencing the outside world, including other dogs who she is getting on really well with. We are being quite cautious to not over exercise her and feel she would go forever if we didn't stop her! She tends to play furiously then fall asleep at the drop of a hat.  Everyone we meet comments on how beautiful she is, this is especially true from the people who have Labs themselves - which we feel is a good sign. We have no crying at night, chewing only of her toys and unfortunately my slippers and she will sit on command (nothing else yet, though we keep trying) - touch wood the chewing stays as it is!  She has a fantastic character and likes to be with people.

Thank you once again.


I would just like to thank you so much for selling me my best friend,  my soulmate. Daisy, our yellow lab, is 12 now and what a brilliant 12 years we've had, the best years of our lives - she's not a dog, she's human. .. Thank you so much for our best friend.

Kerry Stanton


Daisy is doing very well. ... Of course she's growing so quickly that we find ourselves laughing at how big she's getting day by day! She has, of course, a fantastic temperament and, with all the time and attention and love she's gotten since we picked her up from yours, her personality is really blossoming. . We're both pretty tired from making sure that Daisy gets all the company and attention (as well as rest) which, as a Labrador she needs, but this early input of love, attention, company, play as well as rest, will hopefully set the tone for a happy dog that feels and knows it is much loved. ... Thank you once again, Anne, as Daisy is just fabulous and already bringing so much to our lives.

Michael and Holly have asked that we also include the following:

Our experience of Jimjoy Labradors has been nothing short of wonderful. Anne and her team make sure that everything is handled with care and to the highest of standards. Our dog, like all of Jimjoy's, was bred for temperament and personality as much as for looks, which means that we ended up with a beautiful Labrador possessed of a wonderful temperament. Jimjoy are top-notch, thoroughly professional, caring and very well organised breeders of fabulous dogs and my wife and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Michael and Holly Warburton (Hampshire)


I'd just like to thank you for the puppy I bought from you last week.  I've called her Darcey. I'm so happy with her. She's very well behaved. The first few nights she cried a bit, but she soon settled in and is already pretty much house trained, which I'm very pleased about considering she's not even 10 weeks old yet. She's so patient with the children, too. They love her to bits and she is very affectionate and loving towards them. I'm absolutely over the moon with her. I can't imagine her not being here now!

Thanks again


She is such a beautiful, well-behaved dog that has fitted into my life perfectly! Generally speaking she is a very calm and placid dog, although she can have her naughty moments, but I think it just makes her all the more lovable! She absolutely loves people, especially children. She loves her walks. She loves her food! And she has been very easy to train. I couldn't have asked for a better dog. I love her to bits, and everyone else that meets her comments on how adorable she is! I'm actually thinking of getting her a little sister some time in the future, although not for a while yet. I would definitely come back to you for another dog!


She really does love children and that was my main priority when I was first looking to buy a dog! She's really calm and gentle with them. I would recommend buying a Labrador from you to anyone with small children in their house.

Anna Lawrie


This is a picture of Darcie on her first birthday yesterday - she enjoyed an extra large bone as a treat! Darcie has brought so much happiness to our family and friends, and loves nothing more than playing with other dogs and getting wet and muddy. ... We are always getting complimented on her lovely thick shiny coat.

Claire Bodilly, Jake and Nanny (Cheltenham)


Dexter brings us so much joy and gives so much love as well as a lot of laughs. We consider ourselves lucky to have such a beautifully behaved puppy ... I just wanted to say thank you for giving us the dog of our dreams.

Dean and Ian Drury


Now that Dexter has had his first birthday, I thought that I would write to thank you for your help in choosing him and for producing such an excellent pup. Having sadly lost Bop during Christmas 2005 Dex's exuberance has been much welcomed by all except the cats and the kitchen units. Very quickly puppy and toilet trained he has now started gun dog school, which he is loving. Thank you again.

Stewart and Julie King


Just to let you know he has settled In so well he is perfect we could not have chosen a better puppy. We love him to pieces. He has fitted Into family life so well!! He is toilet trained already he learns so quickly and we have taken him out for his first walk today and he has met 2 other labs that came from you. He gets on with them really really well!! Thank you so much for Dexter he really is just perfect in every way. We are so happy with him!!!

Becky Smith (Buckingham)

DIPSY MITCHELL [Jimjoy Certainly Special]

Dipsy is my absolute pride and joy. I also have a 6 month old puppy from you as well. Not only would I recommend Jimjoy to everyone, I will never have a dog from anywhere else while you’re around, so thank you for my 2 bundles of JimJoy!!

Sandy Mitchell


.. She has got on very well with our other Labrador Benson right from the start and they adore each other. She has also fitted in well with family life and this year has been away on holiday with us to Devon and Cornwall.

Simon Botfield


Dolly settled in very quickly.  She adored our other dog, a black male called Leo, straight away, but he wasn't so sure. Eventually her persistence won him over. He adores her now! She is a very sweet and loving dog. Thanks!

Sarah Cooper


Last year we had another chocolate Labrador off you named ‘Doyle’. We are so attached to him! He is the most gentle, loving and fun dog. We never know where our shoes and gloves are though haha. Would highly recommend Jimjoys!

Hayley Wellings


Thanks again for all your help with the new pup, or as we call him now "Duddley". Thought you would appreciate a picture of him settling in. It's hard to believe we've only had him a week, feels like forever.

Christine Scarle (Northampton)


Dumpling is doing very well, growing and settling in with humans and dogs alike. She enjoys her walks and is showing a keen interest in the river - although we haven't allowed her to go in too far as yet. She also loves being walked in busy places like school - she is a bold little pup and quite determined not to be left out of anything. ...Thank you again for a lovely pup - everyone that visits remarks on how beautiful she is.

Rebecca Carter (Powys)


We are so delighted with Dylan I cannot tell you!  He has fitted into our family brilliantly and we cannot imagine family life without him. He has a beautiful temperament and is so bright.  We have trained him to sit and come and of course he knows the word dinner!!  He is going through the night all ready at 12 weeks, doing 11 – 7, and has been barking or crying to go out to the garden since 10 weeks - how clever was that!  I was amazed at how few accidents we had indoors. Everytime I go out with him I am stopped by people who just want to admire him and say how gorgeous he is.  He even had his picture taken by some ladies who fell in love with him!!  It is no word of a lie that I have even had people stop their cars to get out and say hello to him - he is becoming a bit of a celebrity round here! He is mischievous, funny, loving and a star!


We have been and continue to be absolutely delighted with him.  His temperament is superb, he is bright and quick to learn and he is a beautiful sociable healthy boy. He has been such a fantastic addition to our family and is a credit to your breeding line.

Sue Cotton (Kent)


Thank you very much for all you did with the puppies as she is not fazed by anything.

Carol Bicknell (Solihull)

ELLA COLLYER (Jimjoy Feeling the Love)

Ella is now 6 months old , she is a very calm laid back puppy who loves people and dogs . She has given our 13 year old dog a new lease of life and they are great mates . The recent snow has given Ella hours of fun and she loves to be outside . A trip to the seaside was a great success and she travels really well in the car . We as a family all love her to bits and are pleased we made such a good choice thank you.

Nola Collyer (Northampton)

ELLIE MACARTHUR (Jimjoy Happy Hummingbird)

Growing nicely full of beans and learning very quickly - I think she is going to be a wonderful dog - not a squeak at night from day one and very nearly house trained!

Tony and Jan Macarthur (Oxon)


I'm Lauren Johnson, I'm 12 years old and  I have purchased a puppy named Ellis from you. I wanted to tell you he is getting on very well and is asleep this minute. ... We owe many thanks to you so thank you.

The Johnson Family


Last  year we came and collected a lovely black girl from you. Well we needed to tell you she is the most wonderful puppy ever! She is a little over a year old now and I do not think we have ever seen a shadow cross her face! She loved our older dog Danny straight away and is a gentle companion to him. She immediately understood how to ask to go into the garden, and she never had one 'accident' in the house. She enjoys the fact that there is always someone home with her. She loves food, her family and all humans (especially small ones), and is a delight to own. She is a pet and won't be being shown - however, so many people do say what an exceptionally nice lab she is. As we are first time pedigree dog owners, we could only go on first impressions when choosing a breeder to visit. We had no way of knowing what a wonderful temperament Emma would have, and we are always saying how lucky it was that we chose you! If ever we had to choose another puppy we would only come to you - no question. Emma was born 18 May 2005. Many, many thanks again for this amazing dog!

Kindest regards

Sue Gardner and Mark Hitchman


Enza – as we have called her is fitting in well, she is growing fast, she is calm and nearly house trained. I write because I wanted to let you know that we have had many Labs over the years but I really think we have a rather special dog here, she is extremely intelligent, genlte and a very quick learner, clearly a credit to your breeding program and I guess this is the sort of feedback is important to you. I attach a photo for your interest when she refused to walk and needed a lift back to the car.
Chris Macey (Wolverhampton)

FAYE LAWSON [Jimjoy Brilliance]

We bought a chocolate bitch from you 15 years ago. We called her Faye (Jimjoy Brilliance) and she most certainly lived up to her "brilliance"title. She had two litters, which you arranged, totalling 16 puppies and she was a wonderful mother. She died peacefully in her sleep exactly one day after her 15th birthday, having never suffered any illness worth mentioning throughout her life. She was an amazing dog as well as my mum’s best friend and lived a full and active life. Her favourite activities, other than walking, were swimming, sunbathing and eating (being a lab) So many tales of her swimming in Devon and causing various degrees of well intentioned mischief. She died as she lived, very peacefully sunbathing in the garden with her paws daintily crossed. Please find attached a photo of her with her daughter Lara dressed up for my engagement party (they don’t usually wear pink collars with roses). They are 15 and 12 respectively in the picture – not looking too bad for old gals! We wanted to thank you for providing a truly integral part of our family life that enriched all of our lives and let you know how well she had done! 

Jayne and Claire Lawson

FERGAL ANTONIO [Jimjoy Pumpernickle Parkin]

We wanted to thank you for our precious little man who has been an amazing addition to our little family. I couldn't imagine my life without him. He is such a joy to have and provides so much laughter and entertainment. He was fantastic during the first week, no problems during the night with crying etc.  ... Lots of people have commented on what a handsome dog he is and his beautiful colour.... He has such a lovely character/temperament. He is not shy or timid, is very outgoing but he is not dominant in any way... He loves being around people and other dogs ... I wouldn't change him for the world and I love everything about him. Once again thank you so much!
Mandy Antonio


I can’t thank Jimjoy Labradors enough for my best pal. I was lucky enough to meet both of them when I chose Fletch and they were really beautiful, gentle dogs. Fletch is now 7 years old and is one very happy dog. He has so many dog and human friends and they all love “The Fletch”. Fletch is such a gentle dog, even though we don’t have kids, he has been exceptional around younger friends. He loves the long walks we go around our home. We’re lucky as we have a lot of countryside around us and plenty of rivers to swim in. Thank you again Jimjoy Labradors for giving us our Fletchy. He is loved very much by his human mom and dad and he certainly gives that love back 100 fold.

Jane Lamb


Can we thank you for giving us the greatest gift we could have ever wished for, our chocolate Labrador puppy, Flint.  He is a little angel.  Keep up the good work.

Sarah and Tom Randon

FLO PRICE [Jimjoy Song of Angels]

A recent write up:  Lab Ret. Yorkshire Gundog. MPD
1st - 8 month yellow, well constructed youngster, pleasing head with good width of skull, clean neck, well set shoulders, level topline, moved very well. She got best puppy at Liverpool CA this weekend as well.  She is also doing really well with her basic gun training.

Christina PriceFLORA CADOGAN

Flora is a joy - and your advice about stopping her at once doing what you don't want her to do has very easily been absorbed by her. She is a remarkably secure creature which shows how beautifully you started her off as well as how well bred she is. Thank you. She licks the cat who is not a friendly animal but slowly slowly is being changed by Flora. And she keeps me lovely company and we have long conversations. I assure you she is a much loved member of the family.

Lucy Cadogan

FLORA LLOYD [retired brood bitch]

Just to let you know that Laura - now Flora - has settled in like the proverbial duck to water. She appears to have house trained herself, disappearing outside whenever she wants to spend a penny. She even managed two "sits” this morning!

Glynis Lloyd


We are so pleased and love him very much, he has settled in excellently with no bother from day one! it is quite amazing how good he was right from the off! Everyone that sees him is bowled over by his good looks and temperament, just like his dad!


Floyd has grown into a super dog, great temperament, lovable, and my best friend. Hopefully he will have a brother soon and I will be visiting Jimjoy in the not too distant future, as they are in my mind the only breeder by choice.

Andy Spratling (Hereford)


Just thought you might like to know little Freddie has settled in well , extremely chirpy little chap who has just encountered the rabbits and found his voice ! Full of energy , but enjoys a cuddle ( when very tired ). Already a much loved member of the Fletcher Family .

Sarah Fletcher (Worcestershire)

FREDDIE THOMAS {Jimjoy Yellow Sandpiper]

Our journey over to Germany was really good, there was no moaning or accidents and Freddie pretty much slept the whole way.  This caused us a little bother at this end, because he was full of beans and Lisa and I were very tired!  He cried the first night we left him downstairs but has been fine ever since. Freddie is growing up very quickly ... I think our neighbours think we have a limited vocabulary which seems to consist of saying "Freddie NO!"

Chris and Lisa Thomas (Germany)


.. he is a delightful dog, he's so good and settling in very well. All went well at the vets, where they fell in love with him, just like we have! Thank you so much for our lovely Labrador!

Fay Way


We're absolutely thrilled with him. He's got a huge personality and is clearly very bright though he is rather inquisitive and likes using his sharp teeth on everything and everybody!  We'll work on that. Today he's started responding to his name and learning the sit command. He loves all his toys and talks loudly to them.  His large teddy is a big hit. He likes to sleep with him as well as "duff" him up.House training is going well with very few accidents (all our fault). What more can I say but thank you. He's beautiful and I know will grow into a fine fella.


Freddy is now nearly 9 months old and we feel truly blessed. He is an absolute joy, very loving and well behaved. Everybody admires him wherever we go as he is handsome and sweet natured. All dogs are potential new best friends and he has a few favourite human friends too ... Many thanks again for breeding such a healthy, happy and handsome fella.

Jess Sharman (Bucks)


Freedom is coming along well, she makes no noises at night and is learning quickly, except house training where she will sometimes forget and leave a puddle.  She is going on walks with the other dogs now but I keep her on an extending lead so she does not overdo it.  She is the attention of all other dog walkers who enjoy seeing her.  She has no fear of human or canine presence and if a big dog challenges her she backs off and barks at them.

Lynne and Philip Hazlehurst (West Midlands)

FUDGE BYE (retired brood bitch)

Just thought I would let you know how Miffly, who we adopted from you as a retired yellow brood bitch is getting on . We changed her name to Fudge, and what a gentle gorgeous girl she is, loves everyone, dogs and humans alike. Her tail is always wagging. She is so popular at the school gate there is always a queue to stroke her!!!  One of her best doggie friends is Oscar (also a Jimjoy puppy who was bought from you the day after we adopted Miffly) they love racing around the fields together, jumping in the local brook, whatever the weather!!   

Caroline Bye

GEMMA [Jimjoy Dazzling Dreamer]

Here are some photos of Gemma (Jimjoy Dazzling Dreamer) and of Shadow (Jimjoy Young Ace). Both are doing well and Gemma has settled down well. Thanks for another lovely dog.


GEORDIE HUGHES (Jimjoy Brannigan)

Just thought we would let you know that our boy "Geordie", Jimjoy Brannigan, is 14 today. He still runs the household schedule.

John and Jackie Hughes


George has settled in great and training is going great. He's 9 months now and has a lovely temperament, lovely friendly dog, joy to watch playing in the snow. The whole family loves him. Thanks for a brilliant dog.

Glen Farley (Kidderminster)


George had his first injections this week and passed with flying colours at the vets. He has settled in well and enjoyed exploring his new home.

Beverley Kimber


George is growing into a lovely dog (although a very large one). He is very sociable, and thinks that everyone who walks past him should stop for a fuss! He loves being in water, from a muddy puddle to the local stream (but not a bath, strangely enough!). He has recently been on holiday with us, and loved digging holes in the beach and running into the sea. He is our first dog and we couldn’t have wished for a better one.

The Potts Family

GEORGIA LEES [Jimjoy Please Say Yes]

Georgia is such an integral part of our lives! She holds a special place within the family and is such a joy to have at home. She has such a lovely personality as well and everyone who meets her falls in love with her and we can’t imagine not having her. She goes everywhere with us and loves nothing more than joining me at the stables with the horses or on our walks through the forest. Her favourite walk is around a large lake in Epping Forest (where she chases then tries to out-swim the ducks) and then through the Forest itself where we always meet another dog to play with. She LOVED her first holiday to cornwall in August and enjoyed her first proper swim in the sea; playing in the sand and exploring rock pools! Georgia is the heart of the family and is showered with love all the time! Thanks again for giving us such a precious member of the family!

Victoria, Gary, Alex and Ollie Lees (Essex)


Here is a photo of our 2 lovely bitches which both came from you! Our old girl, 15 this summer and our beautiful young addition born last year, are both wonderful. Georgie and Flo are very similar in temperament, which suits our family so well. Thank you for such great dogs!

Kathryn Limbrick (Cheltenham)


Governor is doing wonderfully, he is so obedient it impresses everyone who meets him! If he starts running off I will call his name and he will stop dead in his tracks and turn around and come back to me! He has a field dog brain and the beauty of a champion show stock Lab! What a perfect dog he is! We just adore him!

C Brooke Cowan (Peterborough)

GROMIT METCALF JONES [Jimjoy Scrumpy Jack]

I got Gromit from you in 1995 and he sadly died in 2008 of cancer. I just wanted you to know what a wonderful Lab he was, didn’t take much training, always kept us in his sights, and even kept a watchful eye over our older Lab, who was prone to running off - Gromit used to bring him back to us by his collar. Thank you for our beautiful Lab.

Paula Jones

GUYLIAN DANIELS [imjoy Snuffle the Truffles]

Guylian loves nothing more than being with people and playing with her toys.  She loves walks in the parks and recently has discovered swimming.  She was a bit cautious of the water at first, but after a few swimming lessons at a local dog pool she is now quite happy to go in for a dip.   Her sister Ruby lives with my sister-in-law and they meet up and play together which is really nice.  She has a lovely personality and makes me laugh every single day, she is very well behaved on the whole, but does have a passion for socks !!!
Caroline Daniels


Thank you for our lovely little boy Harley. He has settled in well to our family and is a real joy to have around!

Vanessa Harrold (Leicestershire)


I am writing to say how well Harley has settled in at home with me (although I now think Dyson would have been a better name for him!). My other dog, Tizer, gets on very well with him and they play together really nicely (most of the time). He is incredibly food orientated, which seems to make him easy to train as well.

Rebecca Turner (Southampton)

HARRY WALKER [Jimjoy Widgeon’s Whistler] AND GEORGE WALKER [Jimjoy Flanders Chocolate]*

George is such a gorgeous boy. He is now the proud owner of a 'certificate of achievement' for his beginners' course in obedience. He is doing so well we have booked him in for the novice class in obedience. The training instructor commented weekly on his 'calendar' good looks!

Harry is  6 months old now ... he is such a laid back character and nowhere near the handfull that George was at the same age. They get on really well too ... George is happy to share his big bed with Harry. Nothing fazes Harry so true to form he took the recent snow fall in his stride. We are constantly being told that the 'boys' are good looking with lovely heads. At the beach we met a breeder of yellow Labs and she was taken with our 'boys' and asked where they were from. We were happy to say that they were Jimjoy dogs. Harry had his 6 month check at the vets last week and passed with flying colours in all areas, with our vet adding he is a lovely dog. We are so glad we travelled up to yours from Suffolk because we have two beautiful well behaved dogs with characters to die for!

Linda and Colin Walker (Suffolk)


.. Harvey was our first dog and, although he was a mischievous puppy and became infamous in our family as a food thief while young, he is now a much calmer, well behaved dog. He is such a sociable dog that we decided he needed company and so ten months ago we rehomed a young crossbreed from a local rescue centre. They attend weekly training classes, which Harvey loves - he has gained a distinction at bronze level and is working towards his silver! They are bringing so much fun and laughter to our lives and the walks are keeping us fit too! ...Thank you very much for such a lovely dog!

The Manning Family (Surrey)


Thank you, thank you for my best friend Harvey. He is such a great natured dog and is friends with all, we couldn’t have asked for a more friendly and lovely dog. The children love him. Harvey is 2 years old now and still continues to be such a pleasure to live with, even the cat snuggles up with him now.

Sara Norman


He became part of our family straight away, and it feels as though we have had him forever. The children love him as he does them. Within a few days he had learnt his name. He now also has learnt to come and sit and he has learnt NO, however sometimes he forgets! He has such a lovely temperament and everyone who sees him say how gorgeous he is. The vet even said he was a very handsome chap! I am so pleased that we got our new addition to the family from you, I fell in love with him as soon as I held him.

Tracey Dorgan


... he is now two and a half and has grown into a wonderful dog who loves people and other dogs. He has a great love of water and always manages to find a stream to paddle in when on his lovely off lead walks. Henry has fitted into our family so well and has given us so much pleasure, laughter and affection. We just love him to bits. He was a bit of a 'chewer' at first but he is so laid back now we can totally trust him. We went to training with him and he passed his Kennel Club Bronze Certificate and is a very happy and well behaved dog. As you will see from the photographs he is very handsome and we get many comments from people as to what a lovely dog he is both in looks and temperament. Thank you so much for our wonderful companion Henry.

Sue, Phil, Ryan and Leah Paddock


It’s been 2 years since we watched our lovely Labrador drift to sleep for the last time after suffering an illness that was progressively going to get worse. He was 14 years old. Henry was the most perfect dog, he had a wonderful character and no other dog could ever replace him. His temperament, love and loyalty was beyond measure, always greeted people at the door wagging his tail. Fantastic with children, we had a caravan in Wales which we used to visit every other weekend and he would sit and watch the kids in the sea and whenever they went out on the dingy, He would go grab the rope and pull them back towards the beach, Like a lifeguard! He was a great family companion who enriched our lives from day one. We miss him every single day, although he has gone from our arms, he will always be in our hearts and the memories will be treasured forever. We miss you, our big chocolate bear.

Hayley Wellings


We’re having a brilliant time with Herbie. He has the most amazing personality and is very much part of the family. He seems to love training and is now a pro at sitting, giving his paws, laying down, rolling over ... and we’re getting there with “speak”. For some reason we seem to get more visitors at our house since Herbie’s arrival, all of which give him no end of fuss, which, of course, he loves.

Amy and Jemma Podmore (Cardiff)


.. Everyone has fallen in love with her and she certainly knows how to turn the charm on. She already sits for her food and brings toys back when we throw them. She is very confident and not worried by any household noises such as the hoover. Took her to the vets tonight and she passed the health check with flying colours. He was very impressed with her and also with all the health checks, etc you have done on her parents. He couldn't believe how calm and placid she is and thought she would be biddable and easy to train, and said how lucky we were to have her. Praise indeed! ... Thank you so much for such a lovely puppy and all the care you have obviously taken in rearing her.

Angie Dalton (Lincolnshire)


Higgins is doing really well and appears to be growing on a daily basis. Seems to have settled really well, is into everything and is now terrorising the cats. We have had his initial check at the vets and everything is fine. ... thanks for everything.

Rob and Nicola Mitchell (Winchester)

HOLLIE BLACKBURN (retired brood bitch)

... he fell head over heels in love with her, just as everyone else does who meets her does. We have a two year old little girl as a neighbour and Hollie is exceptional with her and all children. Hollie even managed to win the heart of a little girl who was terrified of dogs last week. She really is quite something. Older people adore her because of her gentle ways, and that includes my Mum who is close to 80. Her manners are impeccable. As Mum walks with a stick, she instinctively lets her go through doors first. Just as you said, she hasn’t jumped up once, and this endears her to people who aren’t so confident around dogs. We have to wait 6 months, but I am considering using Hollie as a PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog. She brings us so much joy. If she is willing, and enjoys it, we would like to see if she can bring some joy to some people or children who are too poorly to have their own dog, and would like us to visit them occasionally. Alice of course would be her junior handler. I will let you know how that goes. We feel we are so lucky to have Hollie, it would be good to share some of the love she gives us, with someone who could do with a ray of sunshine in the form of Hollie.  As I said in my previous E mail,  and just as you said she would, she has been very quick to learn. She walks beautifully on the lead, and her recall is great. The bond between Alice and is Hollie is amazing. It was obvious within hours, but has just grown and grown. Alice has had some difficult times at school with bullies. Today she told me that no matter how bad her day has been, she knows that there is something very good waiting at home for her. She has a very special friend, who is very loyal to her no matter what! Hollie loves going to watch Alice ride too, and is an angel around the horses, she just sits patiently watching her. Everyone we meet on our walks comments on how beautiful she is. I am sure with all your experience you know how amazing your dogs are, but I wanted to share with you just what a diference Hollie has made to our lives, and how much we love her. Thank you , are two such little words, but are so heartfelt from us three...

Sue Blackburn


Holly is one year old tomorrow and what a beauty she is. Thank you so much for the three Labs we have had from you over the past 28 years, all have been outstanding dogs.

The Garner Family


We thought you would like to know how Holly is getting on as she is now just about 20 weeks old and a very much bigger dog to the small puppy we collected from you last year. I am delighted to say she is doing incredibly well, she is a fantastic puppy who is very quick to learn and a joy to have around ... Holly has a wonderful temperament and is a credit to your breeding.

Roger and Marie Weeks (Shrewsbury)


Honey's settled in great and is very intelligent. Everyone loves her. She is virtually housetrained and knows she has to sit before she is fed. We only had one night when she cried and she has quickly learnt our routine. She enjoyed the snow we had the other day, as you can see. Thank you for our lovely pup.

Lesley Lakin (Birmingham)


Indi has settled-in to life here immediately! Like all of the puppies we have had from you, she already shows good intelligence and reasons things through very quickly. She is one of those puppies that use their feet very early, in terms of manipulating play objects and she instinctively retrieves as part of any play. Many thanks for yet another wonderful JimJoy puppy!

Kim and Sue Peacock (Gwent)


My life changed when we bought our beautiful handsome black lab from you which we called Inky, he became  my absolute world  my best friend loyal companion my buddy , everywhere we went people commented how handsome and what a fab dog he was THE BEST. But sadly on Sunday the 24th February 2013 he was suddenly and very unexpectedly taken ill and died that morning .The pain and hurt in something i have never felt  before;  he was a massive character and the gap in our lives is unbelieveable, he is so badly missed. Last week i had his name and paw print tattooed on my foot  as every time he sat with me his paw went across my right foot, now i have this as a permanent  reminder of my beautiful boy. I looked on your website the other day and inkys picture is still there so thankyou .... I just wanted to write to you and let you know and say thankyou for Inky . Maybe in the future I'll be contacting you with a puppy enquiry but at the moment it's all too raw and we need time to heal, not that Inky can ever be replaced as they are all individuals.

With thanks.
Amy Richards (Bristol)


This is the 2nd Labrador we have purchased from you, and yet again we have not been disappointed. We love him so much, can't remember what life was like before him, apart from the fact we had a lot more unchewed hairbrushes, shoes and spectacles, but wouldn't change him for the world. Thank you for such an amazing dog.

Rachael Smith (West Bromwich)

ISSEY GRAVES (Jimjoy Spring Serenity)

Issey (Jimjoy Spring Serenity) is getting on really well. She is lovely and has settled in here brilliantly. Issey is now 8 months old. She has a lovely character and is full of energy!

Julie and Gary Graves


Izzi is now 17 weeks old and growing into the most beautiful girl. She is star pupil at puppy training, always keen to please. She went with us to a clay pigeon shoot and was not in the least bit afraid of the noise from the guns. The calm and clever nature of your dogs is a credit to you. Thank you.

Mark and Angie Bennett


Jacob is 7 months old now and he settled in straight away, he's loves cuddles and trips out in the car to visit family and friends (they all love him) and of course seeing my sister's dog Henry that she also got from you a couple of years ago. Everyone one says how beautiful he is and he has a lovely nature and wants to be everyone's friend, especially if they have food! I love him so much, even when he's naughty!

Karen Dorgan (Bristol)


I thought I would send you a picture of Jak and our 6 yr old lab, Bazil. As you can see they are very relaxed in each other's company. Bazil is very gentle with Jak, who is very lively and full of mischief, as a puppy should be! Jak already comes to his name (sometimes!) and knows what the word 'no' means too! He has been a fantastic addition to our family, and we can't imagine life without him. The children are really enjoying having two dogs and have taken Jak's arrival in their stride, helping with every aspect of having a young puppy, as well as making sure Bazil feels just as loved as always!

Fran Loretto (Lichfield)


We had Jasmine from you as a retired brood bitch. She is a joy, we love her so much. Everybody who meets her loves her. She lives with our golden Labrador called Cody and they are the best of friends. Thank you.

Debbie Cooper


Thought you would like to see how Jasper is coming along. He is a really super puppy, his temperament is excellent and he gets on very well with our older dog Zak. My grandchildren adore him and would take him home in the wink of an eye.  In fact the whole village is in love with him and cannot believe his size (25 kgs without a hint of fat) for his age.

John and Pam Burgess (Lancashire)


We took Jasper to the Fife Show yesterday and he won 6 rosettes!! All the dogs there were of a very high standard. He came a very close second to the winner in the pedigree puppy class - the judge was very thorough and very impressed with him. He was competing next to others who had been to Crufts. He came first in junior handler with my daughter. He has been just  great - a cheeky monkey but really great fun. Life is never dull with him. He is always admired when we take him out!


We have loved every minute of having Jasper with us. He is such an exuberant dog and fits in really well with our outdoor lifestyle and loves the horses, sheep, etc and walking in the forest behind our house. He is really good with our two daughters and loves playing with them. He is a joy to own and has been so easy to train.

Alison Galloway (Scotland)

JASPER HILL [Jimjoy Moment of Gold]

Jasper has settled into our family well, our older dog Kara (14 Years old!) is doing her best to ignore him!! He has grown so much in the 2 weeks we have had him and is such a little character, everyone has fallen in love with him.  He certainly made Christmas for us this year.

Thanks again.

Nettie Hill and family


At the moment Jasper is having training and doing great. The trainer said he has a very good temperament and is a quick learner.

Stephen Meddings (Wolverhampton)


.. He's absolutely fantastic. .Our friends can't believe how well behaved he is - although he does have his moments!! Only puppy madness though! ... He is an absolute joy, everyone who meets him falls in love. He loves meeting people, which is brilliant. At his first vet visit I hadn't even got him out of the car before someone 'accosted' me wanting to know where I'd got him from. Thank you once again.

Tina Watson (Solihull)


.. Mandy  was born in November 1994 and we bought her from you at 8 weeks. She was a great family member for nearly 12 years! ... Jess (born 2006) is a really wonderful dog - she is now a Pets as Therapy dog and we visit the local hospice each week for her to make a fuss of the patients and to get a fuss in return. She seems to have a lovely temperament around sick or disabled people. When she was quite little I took her into the Special School where I work. She was amazingly gentle with the children in wheelchairs and was not bothered by unusual noises, etc. That gave us the idea of getting her registered with PAT.

Margaret Mockford (Stoke-on-Trent)


Jimjoy Entrepreneur (Teddy) won his first C.C. yesterday. He also took the Best of Breed, from a field that included 2 Show Champions (1 imported and 1 locally bred). And to our great delight he also won Best of Group. The Reserve BoB  also took Reserve BoG. We are very pleased. Will send some pictures as soon as I can get them downloaded. The judge was from the UK but has judged internationally. He said in a little speech before the presentation of the Trophies that he found the exhibits to be of a high standard. So congratulations to you as breeders!

Dennis, Kay and Connor (Barbados, West Indies)


Thanks again for the help and patience you have demonstrated with me and my family!  You most certainly are a professional.  On our way back to Germany, me and my wife talked about how we would have rather gotten an assignment in the UK.  I am really impressed with your farm (dogs and horses), your work with the puppies paperwork and how gorgeous England is.  We had absolutely no issue with getting Josie back to Germany ...  It was a long weekend but Josie did not make the trip any longer - she was excellent behaved.  She actually has stolen my male’s bed - which upsets him a little.  She is an awesome addition to my family and thank you.

John and April Doughty (Germany)


Just to let you know that Kassie has settled in really well. She is going to be like Kara I think, she has such a fantastic temperament, but cheeky. Thought it was too soon to get her after Kody, but I am glad we did as she certainly fills that big space left by Kody. Who knows, maybe in a few years we will be back for number 4.

Elaine Gray (Colchester)


It is with deep sadness and a aching heart that I have to tell you that our Darling dear Katie passed away this morning at 5.45am. We are devastated. Our hearts are broken. We loved the girls (see, also Lucy Coulson) so very very much, a huge part of our lives. Whereever we went the girls were always with us! I am sure that Lucy has found Katie and will take care of Katie, so that they can be happy together again - they did love each other very much. Until we meet again!

Sheila Coulson


At first we were nervous following a bad experience with a golden retriever puppy who we were forced to rehome. Any concerns were unfounded and Kizzy has now restored our love and faith of puppies and sold us on Labradors completely. Her temperament is beautifully gentle while being playful and entertaining. She shows us love and she is great to get up to in the morning. We are always greeted with her favourite cuddly toy in her mouth and a wagging tail. Her training is going very well and she is very receptive to picking up commands and following them. Within a week of us having her she had learnt to sit and to give her paw. She is now 6 months old and has not yet caused any damage except for the occasional cup of coffee felled by her enthusiastic tail! She has had her 5-month check-up and she has got a clean bill of health, with a very strong heart. She is now growing into a beautiful even-tempered dog without whom our family would not be complete. I have a companion now who fills our days with love and laughter. She also loves to follow us round in case she is going to miss anything. We will definitely be coming to you again in the future. We can't thank you enough for our new little girl.

Julie and Angie (Brierley Hill)


Ladley is developing very well - brighter than our previous dogs, is pretty obedient, wants lots of affection whilst having the ability to look very disdainfully at us when he thinks we are being unreasonable or just plan stupid!

Sarah Collins (Worcester)


I have named him Larry, because on the way home we went to Pets at Home to get his bed and the assistant called him "happy as Larry". Hence, his new name is Larry Kelly. What a wonderful weekend we had. He is a great kid, toilet training very well too. We are going to a puppy party soon. Larry is due to start training with both Northants and Midshires Dog Training Clubs. I am hoping he will enjoy agility, flyball and all the others. Everyone loves him here, lots of ahhhs!

Lesley Kelly (Northants)


Just to reassure ANYONE who is at all worried about dog breeders that Jimjoy produces excellent dogs with a wonderful temperament. Our dog, Leo, is so gentle and kind and now he is 2 years old we are off to get him a friend from Jimjoy. You couldn’t wish for a better animal around children and dogs, he really is perfect!

Nicky Bagnall (Worcs)


He’s very handsome. Our vet’s words were `now thats a proper Labrador`. He`s very biddable and amazingly never once made a mess in the house during the night even though we had him at 9 weeks!

Sue Lowe

LEXI LOWE [Jimjoy Frosty Charm]

We are so thrilled to have chosen you as breeders as she truly is an adorable and well behaved puppy. We feel so proud of her, as everyone we meet comments on how beautiful she is and how good. She has lots of friends over the park and is loved instantly by everyone who meets her. The whole family is totally smitten. We have just got back from puppy training and she is fast asleep on the kitchen floor. She is graduating from puppy class next week and starting the bronze award in September. Her toilet training went well and so far, touch wood, she has not chewed a single thing in the house!!! Amazing. She sleeps through the night and is a star at the vets!! Safe to say we feel she is a true credit to Jimjoy and tell everyone how fab you are. Thank you so much for our lovely puppy.


Just wanted to send you a little message on Lexi's first birthday. She is doing so well, we are so proud of her! Really are the most proudest parents. Everyone comments on how beautiful and well behaved she is. I look at her everyday and am so glad we had her. She still has not chewed anything and is brilliant with children, adults, other animals, loves to travel in the car and even enjoys coming to work with me, not a bit of trouble. ... Anyway I could go on and on, but to sum it up, Thank you, for our amazing puppy.

Laura Lowe (West Midlands)

LILLIE RABBAGE [Jimjoy Lovely Choice]

Lillie was perfect in the car on the way home, a couple of minutes of tiny whimpers and then took it all in her stride and slept most of the way. She's settled in brilliantly and is a very laid-back puppy, she loves toys, water and she'll (like most Labradors) do anything for a food treat; is learning things such as sit with ease. She met the vet yesterday afternoon and has been given a clean bill of health and didn't even notice when she had her injection.


She passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Puppy Foundation assessment at the end of August and on the whole is incredibly well behaved. Every person or dog is a new best friend for her and everyone who meets her goes away with a smile on their face. She's a bundle of ever-so-friendly energy . .. We love her to bits and she's very much an integral part of the family. We do spoil her, but we try not to let her get away with too much - right now she's fast asleep on the sofa beside me. She's incredibly happy and intelligent with an almost permanently wagging tail and a desire to be with us at all times. We take her as many places as we can - she was on a steam train on Friday and went to see the QE2 a couple of weeks ago - and try to introduce her to all sorts of new things. She hasn't been at all bothered by the few fireworks that have gone off already so I'm hoping that she'll be fine next week. Thank you again for such a wonderful dog!

Rachel Duffield and Pete Rabbage (Gloucester)


We have started going out for walks this week and Lola thinks everyone is her new best friend (dogs and people). She is such a joy to have around. The children are doing really well with her and even Blueberry has come around; he seems to actually enjoy her company.

Pam Gough (Worcester)


Just to say a huge big thank you for the gorgeous yellow lab bitch puppy we collected nearly two weeks ago now. We have called her Lola and she has settled into our family life perfectly, despite getting up rather early at the crack of dawn asking to go out. Still, she is very good and loves the children - she is forever chasing them around. She comes when called and sits when asked, even with her bowl of food in front of her (that has taken the past week to perfect!)!!  .... Once again a big thank you for such a beautiful puppy.

Dee Hinton (Stratford)


We've recently finished another training course with her, which she really enjoyed and passed - she'll still do anything for a treat! She's wonderful with my disabled sister and is very gentle with my grandparents, although she still has her crazy puppy moments when she runs around the garden and house really fast in circuits! Within the last month or so she seems to have found her voice (having never really barked before!) and has started barking at cats and pigeons in the garden. She's still a wonderful addition to our family and we'll no doubt be back in touch in the future when we're ready to add to our pack!


.. It took Sacha (retired brood bitch) a couple of weeks to get used to her new home and her new friend Lola (whom we had from you as a puppy two years ago), but she's settled in really well - it's like she's always been here. She's house trained and her favourite spot is on the sofa, curled up into a ball. Lola will often lie beside her or even get into her bed with her! She's recently started to play properly and loves her walks over the field near our house. She's got such a lovely nature and my disabled sister is a big fan of hers as she doesn't bark or jump up - she just wants lots of fuss. Thanks for another wonderful addition to our family. We, as well as Lola, are really pleased we got her.

John and Emma Myers (Birmingham)

LOTTIE (retired brood bitch)

It’s now 6 weeks since Lottie joined me - as a just 5-year-old who had finished breeding. She is an absolute joy! Good on and off the lead, calm and eager to please and always excited by new experiences. She settled into her new life from day one and has already been on a couple of holidays with other dogs along, which just makes her day! I am so happy we found each other. Thank you so much for passing on the beautiful Lottie to me.

Jill Price


Just wanted to update you on our last two weeks with our new puppy, Lottie. The children were so surprised and delighted, my daughter was speechless for the first time in her life. As for Lottie, the shyness that you predicted may last a few days lasted all of about 5 minutes after we got her home. She just loved the kids. The first night, as expected, she cried and after that she settled no problem. She is such a good girl and seems to be happy and content with her new family. Unfortunately our two cats are not as impressed as the rest of us, although Lottie has been exceptionally well mannered towards them. ...We are thrilled to bits with her, especially Paul who, never having had a dog, is completely besotted - she even gets a kiss before me when he comes home! Thank you so much for our Lottie, she's just perfect!

Wendy Green


Louie is now six months old and is very adventurous and energetic and he loves being around people and receiving lots of attention. We can rarely walk him without being stopped by passers by who say how lovely he is and enquire about his breeders. Louie settled in immediately, sleeping all night, and he was toilet trained within a few days. He has responded well to basic commands and, despite being very mischievous at times, he is obedient with a lovely temperament, constantly wanting to please us. We wouldn't be without him and we'd like to say a big thank you to everyone at Jimjoy for such a gorgeous dog.


Louie is doing brilliantly and is really beginning to settle down now, growing out of his more tedious of puppy ways! He has most certainly found his bark and seems to be growing by the day! Thank you once again for him, he's brought us so much pleasure.

Amy Hodgkinson and Simon Betteridge (Tamworth)

LOUIE PAREKHJI (Jimjoy April Attraction)

What a handsome dog with a superb temperament. Thank you so much!

Alpa Parekhji


We love her to heaven and back so we just want to say a BIG thank you for bringing us together. Lucky is very happy here with us.

The Dyer Family


..... I thought I would let you know about our beautiful Black Lab Lucy who we got from you as a puppy and  who is now 8 years old .Her parents were Tyton Sir Alphonso at Jimjoy and Tyton Mistress Mercutio of Jimjoy.(don't know if you remember them) She is the most beautiful dog ever, and is so patient  and good with our 2 kids who were born after her.. Every day on the walk to school loads of kids go Arrrrrrh  theres Lucy I wish she was our dog!!She's going a bit grey  round the gills now, but is still full of energy and will still run from one side of the field to the other to jump in the cow trough or any other bit of water she sees.

'he's having a great life, and so are we because of her.

Best Wishes

From a Proud Owner


Lucy has been a very special girl she sadly passed away on 18th May 2011 we are heart broken! miss her so very much. Her half sister Katie, born in 1997 is missing Lucy so very much going around looking and calling. The golden girls have been all over with us. We had a boat down on the south coast and they loved their times travelling to lots of places. Lucy was always so very relaxed and calm and she adored being cuddled and hugged - such wonderful girls!!!!!!

Sheila Coulson


.. Lucy is really lovely! Our older dog plays with her now - at first she was a bit unsure but they are becoming good friends now. She is growing every day and one of her favourite tricks is getting into a salad bowl I keep on a low shelf in the kitchen! She now finds it a bit of a squeeze which is very funny! Thank you for your help.

Sally Hiley


We were fortunate enough to purchase one of your beautiful black lab puppies 2 years ago. As you will see from the attached photo, Lucy is one delightful dog and, after having many Labs over the past 30 or so years, I have to say she has to be one of the best. Wonderful nature [and nose!!] and loves her life here on our farm with our other chocolate Lab. One very happy dog.

Janet Plunkett (Kidderminster)


... I am sure Luke has inherited their (his parents) temperaments as well as their good looks - I cannot fault him. His training is coming on well and he is already a popular chap at club and in the park.
Janet Deavin

MAC HAYDOCK (Jimjoy Morning Pride)

Mac was the first dog chosen out of the litter and is doing really well,  his temperament is fantastic and he is so friendly to people and other dogs that he meets! ... He looks fantastic and has grown into a very handsome little chap! So many people comment on how good he looks with his lovely rich dark coat and fantastic shaped head! He is well loved by many none more so than my wife and I! Thank you for giving us such a fantastic dog.
David and Louise Haydock (Daventry)


When we had Mace he was a special pup - he had a short tail because his mom stood on it. He's brilliant plenty of character. At only 14 weeks he is house trained, sits and gives paw! He loves his nature walks and we can even loose him and he will stay by our side. Everyone loves him!

Sean and Sam Weldon


I just wanted to let you know that Macy went to a local Dog show today and came First in the Best Pedigree Puppy. I was so proud.

Frances Huxley


Maddie is now 9 months old and has a fantastic nature. Having Maddie was the best thing we ever did and she has had a big impact on our lives, in a good way. We wouldnt change her for the world and cant imagine life without her.

Emma Bird


Maddie is a wonderful dog. She charms everyone she meets with her good looks, sunny personality and wonderfully obedient conduct. Though there are numerous Labs in the village somehow everyone knows Maddie, for these reasons. She's just enlisted in dog agility classes and is loving the experience, as she does anything where she gets to learn new things. She's brought us a lot of happiness in the last two years and we look forward to many more.
Phil and Lauren Parker (Redditch)


We can hardly believe that Magic is now just over a year old!  I notice on your site that they have another litter soon available - tempted!  She is a beautiful dog, friendly, very loving and wonderful with all our children, especially Daisy, who is two - they are best friends! She is gentle and kind with her and lets Daisy take toys off her, and even got into the paddling pool with her the other evening! Everyone comments about her gorgeous looks. She's full of beans and loves her walks on the Chase and training sessions on the green with Dad. I would certainly buy another dog from you. Thanks very much for such a lovely young lady.


Just to let you know a week on and Maisey is doing great..toilet training nearly there, she eats really well and has nearly made friends with our cat!..she is beautiful, thank you.

Nicky Hudson (Redditch)

MAISIE AMBEPITIYA [Jimjoy Diamond Delight]

It feels as though we have always had Maisie and she is a real part of the family. She is a loyal loving dog (although she can be a rascal sometimes) who makes us laugh every day and bring us lots of pleasure. Thank you so much for giving us a chance to have one of your dogs.

The Ambepitiya Family

MAISIE CORNFORD [Jimjoy Hearts Content]

Maisie has settled in very well. We haven't had a night up with her since the day we had her. She is full of mischief, but, at the same time is a quick learner. She is 13 weeks old now and will sit, stay, and keeps still when we put her lead on. She will retrieve a ball, bring it back to us and drop, and sits and waits for her food to be put down. I can't thank you enough for your help and support when we lost our precious Sacha, and I still get emotional about her, but one look at Maisie’s face and she has me smiling again.
Pat Cornford


We thought you might like to see Maisie with her adoptive mother - photograph attached.

Edward and Lynn Dowler

MAISY PRESCOTT (Jimjoy Tender Heart)

Maisy is just over 10 months old now and is an absolute beauty, not just on the outside but on the inside too!  Very well behaved and calm with good manners!  She has admiring comments everywhere we go!  We have been going to dog training classes and she is now in the Intermediate class after having achieved top dog in Beginners!  Sorry but as you can see I am very proud of my girl. She goes everywhere with us and particularly loves the beach and the sea.  We are now thinking of investing in a camper van so that the 3 of us can go touring around Europe!

Amanda Prescott (Shropshire)


Just wanted to thank you for breeding the most wonderful dog- she is a dream come true and we love her to bits and she is a very happy contented dog.  And very beautiful too! She has just reached 12 weeks and we want to say thank you so much.

Justin van Breda (Glos)

MARLEY [Jimjoy Adeana]

Please find pic attached of our delightful, gorgeous 10-month pup, Marley ... She has been in dog training and now we can say she is an adorable family member, whom we love dearly. She is brilliant with all children and even babies. She has never snapped or shown any bad signs at all. She is a softy at heart who loves having her belly tickled. Our first dog is a credit to you.

Tara Cook


Max has settled in nicely at his new home. I attach some photographs to show you Max's integration into the Chapman household, with a 5-year-old and another dog! Chaos reigns - especially in the mornings! He's constantly looking for food, I have to feed them separately or he would eat the lot! Every time I open the fridge, he is there! I have to be careful not to tread on him ... He's quite a feisty little character, full of beans and I think he likes my other dog, although Bob takes exception to having him hanging off his beard on occasions and gives him a nip back, which he deserves! We think he's a beauty - so do all the family and friends.

Thank you for a beautiful dog.

Sharon Chapman (Halesowen)


... He continues to be a lovely mild mannered dog. He is definitely a big part of our familyt We had a baby in December and were concerned about how Max would cope, but he has coped brilliantly, not showing any jealousy at all. He is often found sitting by her crib.

Steve and Jo Gamble (Cardiff)

MAX RICHARDS (Jimjoy Appleking)

Sadly on the 27th of August, our beautiful yellow Labrador Max left us. He was 14 years and 7 mths. He was much loved by all and we feel honoured to have shared his life. The fun and happiness he brought was priceless. Even in the last few days of his life he was happy and strong, even playing with his favourite toys and insisting we take him swimming. He is missed greatly and maybe one day when this pain and sadness goes, we maybe blessed with another Jimjoy lab.

Sara Richards (Monmouthshire)


... My son had waited a long time for a dog, so Max was much wanted. He is full of fun and a joy to have around. ... Thank you, Anne, for our lovely boy. We would not be without him.

Sinclair Family (Worcs)


Mia is perfect, very bright indeed... She is lovely, sweet, bright, and clean overnight. I just take her out once when she crys (she sleeps in our room in a puppy pen) and when she is put back she goes back to sleep. Thank you once again.

Joanne and Brian Povall (South Shropshire)


Just a quick note to say how happy we are with Miley. She is just a pleasure to have around. We do feel that she looks like her daddy and hope she stays like that (those sad little eyes get away with murder). She is very good at the moment and toilet training so far has been excellent. Thank you again.

Tracey Seabright

MILLIE COHEN [Jimjoy January Night]

She is a fantastic dog, full of fun, very loving, and very fond of immersing herself in anything wet, whether the freezing sea or a muddy puddle. She's in tip top condition, has the shiniest coat you've ever seen and is the greatest companion for Jenny and myself now we're retired. Thanks again for breeding her!! ... Our constant companion and fathful friend. A tribute to her breeders.

Mike and Jenny Cohen  (Carmarthenshire)

MILLIE HAWTIN (Jimjoy Chesne Rosie)

Millie is coming along so well. She turned 11 weeks today and already has sit, stay, lie down and roll over mastered. She is proving to be a very bright girl, if a little mischievous!! She was the envy of everybody at the puppy party at our vets. The vet said what a lovely pup she was. We start our puppy training course soon, which we are all looking forward to. We just wanted to thank you so much for Millie. She has settled in so well and is already a very popular member of our family, loved by everybody.

Thanks again. We will keep in touch and let you know how we are getting on.


Millie is now 14 months old and I thought it was high time I sent you an update to let you know how she is coming along. We have recently moved from Northamptonshire to the Isle of Wight and we now live right in the countryside with fields all round. Mille is thriving and loving every part of her new life. She loves nothing better than a long walk on the beach followed by a swim in the sea. She has become a lovely sociable dog and so many people comment on how beautiful she is. We have been so lucky with her - even as a puppy she never chewed or damaged anything, which I understand is extremely lucky with a Labrador! At puppy training classes the trainer used to use her to demonstrate as she would do things straight away first time, he used to call her teacher's pet! That is not to say that she has been perfect all the time - at about 6 months old she developed very selective hearing, normally while on walks where there were lots of distractions. I could quite often be seen running in the opposite direction to her squealing Millie, Millie, Millie in a very high-pitched voice! We were also lucky that, while on one of her first walks at about 12 weeks old, we met another Labrador puppy, Bella, who was 1 week older than Millie. Millie and Bella became the best of friends. I would take Millie out every morning and she would survey the field looking for Bella. It's funny, she knew we only saw her in the morning, so in the afternoons she wouldn't bother to look. Now we have moved and we no longer see Bella, we have definitely decided we would like a friend for Mille. We are going to wait until Millie is two, but we will definitely be contacting you next year. I have attached a picture of Millie. I tried to take some while out on walks, but she doesn't stand still for long enough! Thank you again for our beautiful girl.

Michelle and Andy Hawtin (Isle of Wight)


She is the most glorious dog. This photo doesn't really do her justice, she is so beautiful, with her dark chocolate brown coat, and everyone we meet comments on her looks, even the vet is besotted. When we go to the woods and fields, she stands like an absolute champion, with her tail out straight and her nose sniffing the air, most noble. She is the most vocal dog we've ever known, she 'talks' to my husband every evening when he gets in from work, and also to my daughter and son when they visit, or, rather, she cries and howls as if she has not seen them for years! It is the funniest thing to witness, although she has started to rein it in a bit now, as if to say, oh, you're back! She also 'talks' when we play games. From a very early age, she started putting her toys between my feet and she loves the challenge of extracting them. Thankfully, she has quietened down a lot from those early days of running round mad and jumping up, although there's still a long way to go! She has the most wonderful personality, not in a gentle way, but in a fun-loving, Marley and Me way, so we never know what to expect, except her love, which is all-consuming and, safe to say, the whole family is madly in love with her and couldn't imagine life without her. She is a very tactile dog nowadays and loves being touched, stroked, tickled and scratched, when my husband does it she almost falls asleep, and she invariably lies legs akimbo on her back when resting, a sure sign that she is completely at one with her 'new' family.

Helen Macklin


Millie is just over 20 weeks now and is even more gorgeous than she was when we came down to pick her up. She is a real pleasure to have around and wouldn't ever be without her, in fact we're thinking about getting her a sister in the future, probably when she is a year or so old. We will definitely be coming back to yourselves!

Neil and Rachel Meyer (Derby)

MILLY CHARLTON [Jimjoy Moonlight Mystery]

Milly brings us great joy and happiness after losing our old dog, Holly (Jimjoy Simply the Best), and her name was just right for her. Milly is very much loved by all the family. Once again thank you very much.

Claire Charlton (Worcester)


Milly is a very loving and sometimes mischievous pet that enjoys company whilst retaining her "puppy" looks and behaviour. Many thanks

Lynch Family (Romsey, Hants


Missy is doing fantastic, she is learning fast and growing into a very loving and reliable friend already. We are very grateful to you for such a wonderful puppy and your advice on training has paid off remarkably.

Joanne, Clive and Oakley Mountford



Mojo settled in very well with us and has surprised us how easy he has been so far. Writing this will probably tempt fate and he'll turn into a little monster, but hopefully he will stay as lovely as he is. As you'll see from the photos, he's had a taste for water from very early days, starting off by thinking he was able to walk on it over the netting over our pond! He now has his own paddling pool for cooling off in the warm weather and jumps in any rivers, ponds or the sea (where he wears his doggles to keep the sand out of his eyes) at every opportunity. He spends most days with my husband while he is at work, but is still a mummy's boy and loves his cuddles and belly tickles (his favourite sleeping position is on his back with his legs akimbo and all on show - not very elegant! He's definitely a big part of the family now and often gets the invite round to our friends' houses and we get to tag along too! Thank you for producing us such a lovely dog.

Kirsty and Lee Francis (Weston-super-Mare)


It's now a little over a year since we collected Mollie and we thought you'd like to know how she's turned out ... She has become a very peaceful, affectionate and friendly dog, both to people and all other canines. She's an amazing swimmer and just cannot resist water and in particular loves dragging out large floating pieces of wood and any other assorted flotsam and jetsam. She's also highly intelligent and extremely strong. We think we now understand where the word "dogged" comes from - Mollie is the epitome of doggedness! She will not give up on anything and we need to be extremely clever to outwit her. Fortunately food, or the promise of it, wins almost every time!! The grandchildren love her and she loves them ... we just wouldn't be without her now.

Ed, Helen and Tom Taylor (Stamford, Lincs)

MOLLY BRIDGE [Jimjoy Arabella]

We bought Molly from you way back in 1997. She is a wonderful dog who still acts like a puppy. She's got a great sense of fun and she adores our two children and the feeling is mutual. Callum, who is 16 months old, loves to cuddle up to her and bury his face in her neck, whilst Tom, who is nearly three, loves to throw balls and take her for long walks with Daddy. We have never had a day's problem with her health and we love her like one of the family. She does, however, eat everything in sight, including clementines, bananas, ice lollies and plums from the orchard, stone and all much to our horror! She did used to go for a day's beating with my husband and was an excellent working gundog too - what an all-rounder!

Kelly and Gary Bridge


We came to pick our two little girls up towards the end of last year and they have provided us with endless love and fun! What wonderful personalities they have.. thank you .

Ellie Edwards


We wanted her for a christmas present for my daughter and that was the best decision ever. Very sadly she passed away last Saturday .... Molly was the most perfect dog; she had a wonderful character, loyal, loving, obedient, funny and we had a wonderful 13 years with her and are absolutely heartbroken now she has gone.

Jackie Firth


Molly has settled into her new home very well. I came out of hospital to a lovely little puppy which made me very happy. Molly is nearly house trained with one or two little accidents. She has enjoyed playing in the garden especially when my ten-year-old is kicking his football around. We have half an acre which backs onto woods, so we are going to have lots of fun with her going forward. My sons adore her. They travelled all that way to you to buy her. It was the right time to buy Molly - we lost our last Labrador, Megan, after twelve years last April.

Susan Gilligan


We rehomed Molly after she was rescued and she is fantastic ... now at 6 mnonths old she is full of life and such a tremendous character ... she loves the beach and is absolutely potty about water! She is very friendly and loves chldren, and gets on well with our pigs .. she is often found in the field trying to give them one of her toys. I would like to thank you very much for letting us home her and just say she is very much part of our family now.

Sally Newhill


We took this photo of Molly on holiday in Scotland last weekend, as you can see she has grown into a fine looking dog, she has a wonderful temperament and travels in the car without a murmur. We are delighted with her.

Adrian Palfreeman (Northants)


He loves to play fetch and has a habit of presenting me with 2 metre long logs in his jaws! A couple of them sometimes! Very obedient and less easily distracted now. His vocabulary has expanded quite a bit and he also understands a few hand signals. I'm so proud of him!

Elijah Choo (Birmingham)

MONTY FOSTER (Jimjoy Fools Gold)

Monty never stops smiling - thank you for such a happy dog. Monty is soon to be 11yrs old. He has just returned from his usual holiday in Italy and now sleeping off all his adventures.

Suzanne Foster


Monty has certainly brought much happiness these weeks. He loves the garden, so we joke he's "Monty-Don"! He is a completely different character to William - and he's got a great personality. He leaps like a little lamb, and is a very good boy [housetrained already!]. He came into our lives at just the right time; I'd been in hospital for a month and having him has made these weeks much easier, especially as he likes cuddles as well as fun!

Verity Worthington


Murphy is really shooting up. His training is going well, he is not too keen on lying down and staying, plus when he is out on his walks he wants to say hello to everyhody, so we have to restrict him to off the lead training and exercise when no one else or dog is around. I guess he will get better with age, as he is an angel in his classes!

Sarah Chidlow (Newcastle-under-Lyme)


.. Murphy is doing fantastic. He's Maddy's protector through and through, never leaves her side. He went trick or treating last night and really enjoyed the scary outfits. Thanks again. ... Nearly a year on the cat and Murphy are best of friends, he even shares his bed with the cat. He's amazing, full of energy, but loves his naps, wish we'd done it earlier.

Claire, Graham and Madison Heeks (Tewkesbury)


Can't believe our Nell will be 2 years old in April, and we absolutely love her to bits. She's such a good girl, flew through the training classes and continues to develop into a lovely temperament, calm and obedient, regressing when with other dogs, but that comes with the territory I think, she's still fairly young after all. .. she's so calm and sweet natured. People constantly say "isn't she good" and you can't get much better than that I think. Hope you're continuing to breed such lovely animals.

Jo Creed


Simply the best companions and smartest working dogs ever experienced in this life.

Curt Waibel, London


I wanted to send you a email to say 3 years we lost our faithful chocolate bitch Nina whom we purchased from you 16 years ago. I would like to say a massive thank you for giving us such a wonderful loyal dog, and in all those years we never had any medical problems. If I ever was purchase another Labrador it would be from you .

Janine Bridge

NINA HUDSON (retired brood bitch)

I thought I would let you know that Nina has settled well into her new home and that she and Millie (also a Jimjoy girl) are getting on like a house on fire!  The house / dog training is also going very well - of course it always helps when there is a titbit of meat on offer as a reward!!  I am enclosing a photograph of the girls taken on Saturday 4 February 2012 whilst we were on our walk in the snow.

Angie Hudson

NUTMEG REID (Jimjoy True Heart)

I thought you might like to know that Nutmeg has passed her Kennel Club puppy training and starts in the beginners class next week. She even has a certificate and can send for a rosette! She loves going to the training class though is a complete nutcase on arrival as she wants to play with every other dog and person............then once class starts she is the perfect pup (amazing what cheese does!) At home she is at the .........how much can I get away with stage!! She is also nipping next door and pinching their dogs toys and bones!! Luckily they are used to their barmy neighbours and i replace nicked bones and return the toys! The fact that she has a box full of her own is neither here nor there. She is adorable despite all of this and my yellow lab Melrose is smitten despite the fact that she chewed his jowls and he ended up at the vets! I took her to the Gransden Show the other week to introduce her to different animals and for her to see heavy machinery , loads of people and other dogs. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and wasn't fazed at all but slept for hours afterwards! Thank you again for our bundle of fun, she is adorable..........most of the time!!!

Fionnaigh Reid (Bedfordshire)

OAKIE (retired brood bitch)

I just wanted to let you know that Oakie has settled in beautifully. We have all totally fallen in love with her and she is the most wonderful dog. She hasn't had any accidents in the house and seems to be house trained already. We are looking forward to many happy years with her.

Barbara and Paul Greewal


Just to thank you for my gorgeous puppy which was named Oliver. He is fantastic, very good with his house training and growing each day. My teenage children love him and have never stayed home as much - now I have crowds of kids visiting and his is getting thoroughly spoiled. He already knows several commands - sit, down and NO. He does tend to have a daft half hour every day and has dug several holes in the garden!, and he likes to empty his water dish several times a day to plodge! His personality is certainly showing through and we all adore him. He loves all the attention and toys are taking over our home. Thank you again. He has certainly helped ease the loss of our old darling Saracen, only wished I had got in touch last year.

Andrea (Wyre Piddle, Worcs)

OLLIE YARNOLD [Jimjoy March Marathon]

Ollie quickly settled down and we really haven't looked back since. ... On holiday he attracted lots of attention, which he enjoyed ... Everyone who has come to see Ollie has fallen in love with him as much as we do. Thanks for your advice and guidance, we are very grateful.

Stuart and Catherine Yarnold (Worcester)


Olly is growing quickly and now weights 10kg. He has had all his jabs and has now hit the outside world. ... Thanks for everything.

Neil and Pat Parkinson (Chippenham)


Oscar has turned out to be a little superstar. Attached is a portrait that we had ofr him which is being entered into a competition. He’s growing quickly and we are enjoying him being a puppy. Every day he seems to find something else to do that makes us laugh. He has a typical Labrador fetish for shoes ,.. maybe we should have called him Marcos, as in Imelda Marcos!!

Monique Clarke (Staffordshire)


Oscar already responds to his name, understands very well when I call him for his food and goes directly to his bowl. He also understands NO. I am amazed! He seems happy in his crate at night as he is not calling us. As for daytime we leave the crate open and often find him back in his crate for a little nap.

Anne Emery

OSCAR O'REILLY [Jimjoy Choc-a-lot]

Oscar is 8 years old and is known as O-J (Oscar Jimjoy). He is a truly magnificent dog and the most affectionate lab I have know.

Paul O'Reilly


Thanks very much for everything! Oscar's an absolute angel, loves car journeys (and Alex's running shoes!), has today discovered his first football, and is generally a very intelligent and quick learner, apart from being utterly beautiful.


Oscar is doing marvellously .. he's turning out to be a handsome fellow. He's currently teething and going through a little rebellious stage where he is talking back at me if he doesn't like what I have to say! He's very amusing! But he loves his walks through the fields and woods, meeting the horses and is an angel off the lead - walks to heel without being asked and comes running back if you get too far away. Quite the opposite to when on the lead, when we can't seem to take more than 2 steps without his wanting to stop and sniff!

James and Alex Self (Somerset)


Ossie is such an adorable little puppy with a wonderful personality, I'm so pleased we have him. He is doing very well, we had him house trained in about 3 weeks and have also got him trained to sit, lie down, stay, paw, and most recently rollover, he is also getting very good at walking on a loose lead. Thank you for such a gorgeous puppy,
Laura Croxford (Bucks)


Unbelievably we purchased Otto from you three and a half years ago as a little brother for our other Jimjoy Lab Archie who incredibly was four in April. Time has truly flown, taken up with loads of walks over the fields, as well as lots of laughs! Our two boys are the life and soul of our family, we love them to bits. Although they are quite different characters,  both have superb temperaments. They are very well behaved, were extremely quick to learn and have won numerous awards at dog training classes. They are also tremendously sociable dogs, and love nothing more than a frolick over the fields with their doggy friends.

Thank you so much Anne for our two wonderful Jimjoy boys, they are honestly fantastic!

Claire Bayliss


This is a belated thank you for giving us such a wonderful dog. He has a very good temperament. He loves being with people and playing with other dogs in the park. More recently he has found his love of water and swimming. We found him easy to train and he loves learning new tricks - mainly as treats are involved in the process. Thank you again for giving us such a perfect companion.


We thought we would give you an update on Ozzy now that he has turned one. He has grown into a powerful dog, but still acts like a puppy. He has been easy to train and picks new tricks up quickly. He's been a great addition to the family and likes nothing more than going for a country walk and playing with other dogs. We really couldn't have asked for a better companion.

Becky and Andy Tompkins (Northants)


Paddy is now 10 months old and is just a dream dog, a wonderful temperament, everything about him is wonderful and a brilliant companion for our other Labrador Rafferty.

Lorraine McAdam


Just wanted to let you know that Pepper has settled in very well. She is house trained already and has a dog flap which she learnt to use in less than 5 minutes. She is a joy to have as part of our family and has added more than I could have imagined to our family. She is so well behaved and is gentle and all visitors comment on her fantastic nature. Thank you so much for lettiing us have her.

The Curl Family (Chipping Norton)

PEPSI (Retired brood bitch)

Just thought we would let you know that Pepsi has settled in really well with us.  She is really calm and placid - a delightful girl and we love her to bits.  Thank you for allowing us to have her.

Janet Holmes


Just to let you know that Pickle was an absolute star in the car, despite the M25 being very slow. She was less certain, as you predicted, when we got home and we were up every two hours through Friday night and wondered what we had let ourselves in for, but by Saturday evening she was very settled. I am amazed how quickly she is picking up the rules of the house, as are the children! We have had very few 'accidents' as she takes herself outside without prompting - I guess the good weather and open door make things easier! Last night she managed to sleep through until 6.30 am this morning when I woke her. I am beginning to wonder why it took us so long to get one!! .. I think we'll have to go wireless as the ethernet cable was one temptation too far! Thanks for giving us so much joy already - will be in touch with some photos soon.


... She is growing so quickly and I think is now twice the size of this photo, which was only taken a couple of weeks ago. Her training is coming along nicely and she has graduated from her 4 weeks puppy socialization - apparently she is a very confident dog! She is generally very well behaved and is now sleeping outside her puppy cage at night, and also spending time in the kitchen while we're out without any damage (so far!). It's a shame the same can't be said of the plants in the garden!

Mike Watkinson (London)


Polly is a delight, full of character ... She has an extremely acute sense of smell, especially for anything dead or decomposed, and will race across a field to ferret out some mummified rabbit or worse still rat.  We love her a lot and are very pleased to have made the decision to have another Labrador. Hoorah for Jimjoy!

Caroline Temple Cox


... to let you know how thrilled we all are to have Poppy with us. She proved to be a fantastic decision after the awful time we all had losing poor Abby. The children are still a bit wobbly about it all but Poppy has definitely lessened the blow. She is such a beautiful dog and full of life. All things being well we will no doubt be in touch in a year or two to get another addition. Attached is a photo of her with her biggest fan, our eldest daughter Emma.

Sarah Berry


Just like to say how much we are loving our little Poppy she really is a delight and we have fallen head over heels in love with her. We were heartbroken when we lost Honey (Jimjoy Inspiration) but are going to love Poppy just the same. We can't wait to bring home Brandy and look forward to many years of walking and playing with them along with my daughter's black lab Jasmine. Thankyou so much for breeding such wonderful dogs.

Carol Henderson


We have had Poppy now for nearly 6 weeks and everyone loves her - she has a beautiful face and a lovely temperament, although she loves to go mad for a few minutes several times a day. The only downside is that I have to get up at 6.30 am every day - it must be love! We’re very glad that we decided on a Jimjoy Lab and thanks for all the advice in looking after her.

David Mokler (Hereford)


.. Poppy is growing so fast and what a beautiful puppy she is turning out to be. She, as all Labs do, is developing her own individual ways, and she is so funny the things she does. I think I have long forgotten how much fun it is to have a puppy around. .. Thank you for bringing us together.

Ron Stretton (Staffordshire)


Since her first walk to school, Poppy is loved by all the children and instead of jumping up at them she just lays on her back for the children to tickle her tummy! Then, when Torie comes out of school, she takes her lunch box and walks home with it (10-15 min walk) and carries it into the kitchen at home. She has such a great character about her, and loves going to her grandma's to see her Auntie Lottie (black Labrador), as our girls call her! Through the day she is lively and bubbly to all and then at night she lays on the sofa with us! She has truly given us a new lease of life!

Louise, Matt, Laura and Torie Wheeldon (Nottingham)

REUBEN HOLLINS (Jimjoy Autumnal Chestnut)

This is Reuben on his 1st birthday.He's a gorgeous dog: funny, kind, energetic, and very handsome. He's become a wonderful member of our family and receives lots of compliments wherever he goes. I'm still working on his obedience....! Thank you!

Susan Hollins (Watford)


We were lucky enough to get a puppy from you in April this year. Revel (as she's now named) has been a delight from when we first brought her home. First night whimpers lasted just a few minutes and after that, not another peep out of her all night. Most nights are the same - the whimpers only being because she just loves to be with people, I'm sure a testament to her breeding and her early upbringing. We held my mother's 80th birthday party at our house last weekend with 15 people. As you can imagine, Revel was the centre of attention and she played the crowd like a queen! We think she probably thought she'd lost the use of her legs, as every time she tried to go somewhere, someone else scooped her up for a cuddle. She endured it all with incredible good grace, and then happily collapsed, exhausted, at the end of the day. She already sits on command when she's fed - again, I'm sure, down to you, Anne! - and she starts puppy playgroup in a couple of weeks, which I'm sure is going to be a breeze for her. Simple commands are already second nature - although, we still have to work on the word, "No!" occasionally! I've attached a photo of her in the garden a week after she arrived. Just three weeks in, she's become a central part of the family and is much loved already. Thank you for breeding such a bundle of joy! We feel very lucky to have her.
Philippa and Dave Clayton (Northants)


Just to let you know that we are so pleased with our dogs and you really have done a tremendous job in your breeding.

Mr and Mrs Franklin

ROLO COLLINS (Jimjoy Chippendale)

He was our third Labrador, and, whilst all of them have been great dogs, Rolo was a one-off. He was so happy in everything we did, his tail never stopped wagging. He was a puppy right until the end. We never knew where slippers would turn up, or where he'd settle down for a nap. We could not have had a more gentle, loving and fun dog than Rolo and we will miss him terribly. Our other lab, an ex-guide dog, is missing him as well. Thank you for 13 years of fun and friendship with our lovely Rolo.

Stewart and Clare Collins


Just to say Rosie is thriving and as the vet said after examining her "perfect". She is a wonderful addition to our dog family and has settled well. My bank manager also has a slightly older puppy from you!  
Thank you so much. I'm delighted. A 1st class pup from a first class breeder.

Alison Blake (Worcester)


Just thought that it was about time that we wrote to say thank you for our beautiful puppy Rosie. Everybody comments on how beautiful she is and also what a wonderful temperament she has! We absolutely love her to bits and so does our other young dog Harry, a GSP. She enjoys bossing him around and has done since day one! Once again, many thanks.

Kate Jackson and Matthew Bourne (Shropshire)


... A beautiful natured and loving dog.

Kathryn, Ken and Lottie Jones (Cheltenham)


... we are so pleased with her and she is now called Roxy. She is placid, lively and very, very loving ...

Sam Chapman


...I have to say she is delightful. She is so inquisitive and friendly, she gets on well with other dogs and likes people, especially children. She also loves to play in the nearby lake (although she won't go in deep enough to swim yet). When she's not busy running around she's quite happy to be  wheeled about - see photo.

Steve Crow

ROXY HOWARD (Jimjoy Enchantress)

I just wanted to let you know that when we got Roxy home she took about 30 minutes to come out of her box (we let her do it in her own time) and was very playful and then slept for a few hours. She didn't cry at all when we put her to bed in the kitchen. We enjoyed a week off with her and left her yesterday for 3 hours to go and do some shopping. When we returned, she had had no accidents and went straight outside to the toilet. I must admit we thought the toilet training would be a nightmare, but I have spent the last week putting her outside at every opportunity, i.e. after sleep, after food, after play and just generally when she starts sniffing around and looking like she might need to go and it seems to be paying off. She has even gone to the back door on occasions over the last two days and asked to be let out to go, which we think is really good. She is a clever pup, she shows her intelligence during play and yesterday she seemed to even pick up on sitting on command, even though she'd forgotten by this morning! I will persevere with it and get her to some puppy classes just as soon as she can go out. She was brilliant at the vets too and I think Mike and I were more bothered about the needle than she was! I just wanted to say a big thank you from us all, she has settled into our family so well and we have wanted a dog for ever such a long time, it has changed our lives already (but we feel for the better!). She has such an impeccable nature and we are so very pleased to have her. I think it made such a difference with your professional set up and attitude. I would recommend Jimjoy to anyone considering having a puppy. Thank you once again from us all.

Update as an adult:

She is the best thing we could have wished for in terms of not only a pet, but she is a core part of our family. She is a credit to you as a breeder. We cannot believe the amount of enjoyment she has given us and will give us for many years to come. She is very intelligent, well behaved and always pleased to see everyone. Thank you so much, she is a wonderful dog all round.

Helen Howard (Lichfield)


What a joy this puppy is, she is extremely intelligent and responsive and has the most beautiful nature. It is fair to say the whole family are totally smitten with her - including Wilf the Maine Coon cat who walks three fields alongside Ruby every day as he used to with our previous choc labs!

Andrea and Allan Blackmore (Teskesbury)


Ruby, daughter of Winston.  She is such a lovely dog, and follows what you have said about Winston, a brilliant, perfect pet, and yet so happy to be running around, enjoying life! Her temperament is lovely. She is known throughout the town, the school-children all run out of school to see her and make a huge fuss of her, which of course, she loves! People know her so well, that if you don't take her somewhere, they ask where she is!!!! She and Edward, now 10, are bestest buddies. many thanks

Emilie Blundell

RUBY CALLAWAY [Jimjoy Gorgeous Girl]

Just wanted to thank you for choosing such a wonderful name for Ruby - Gorgeous Girl is just perfect. All is going well with her training. She really is a very biddable little character and is well loved by everyone.

Tracey Callaway


We just wanted to say that Ruby has settled in perfectly. She has had her second injection and is looking forward to her first walk on Friday. We love her to bits and she is one of the family already. She cried the first night but since then (fingers crossed) she hasn't cried at all. She is very nosey and loves our garden. All of our friends and family have been to see her and have fallen in love. Thank you so much for letting her be part of our family.

Matthew and Rebecca Harrey (Headless Cross, Redditch)


.... She is absolutely fantastic. She was toilet trained within the first week of having her and settled in pretty quickly. She is also fantastic off the lead and is hardly on it. We absolutely spoil her. ... She loves going down the beach and loves digging for stones. Thanks again for such a fantastic dog.

Rhian Rees (Pontypridd)


An absolute delight (most of the time) and I wouldn't be without her. She's 12 weeks this week, settled in well and is adored by everyone. We start puppy training classes soon, which I'm really looking forward to. Thanks for an incredible, gorgeous puppy!!

Katie Rosser (Gwent)


Just thought I would drop you a line to say how wonderful the puppy we named 'Ruby' has been. She is maturing into a wonderful dog - clever, obedient and loving. Thanks again.

Mr and Mrs Wigley (Birmingham)

RUSTY BECKETT (Jimjoy Buddy of Mine)

Rusty has grown into a handsome dog, loving, playful and full of energy. He has been accepted into an assistance dog training class with Dog A.I.D. and he is doing his silver obedience test next weekend - we are very proud of him. He comes everywhere with us and is definitely part of the family. Everywhere we go he gets loads of good comments - he should have his own fan club!

Linda Beckett (Shrewsbury)


I am wriing to you with sadness in my heart as our beloved Sacha was called to the big doggie playground in the sky on Monday 16th May 2011. She was nearly 14 years old. We had her from you on 18th October 1997 and from day one she was such a pleasure and joy to be with. Sacha loved everybody and always greeted each visitor or family member with a toy. Her temperament, love and loyalty was beyond measure - even the vet commented every year when we took her for her annual booster injection what a perfect pet she was. She will always be loved and remembered by us all and our house will not be the same without her. R I P our precious sweetheart xxx

Pat Cornford

SADIE [Jimjoy Barbarella] AND KIMBA BOURNE

These two dogs have been such a joy to us as part of our family and we truly feel blessed to have them. Sadie is the most gentle, loving girl, always choosing to be with the children and we have never had any problems with her in temperament or otherwise. Kimba is much more the thinking one of the two, but equally as loving and gentle. She seems to look to Sadie for reassurance when things are a little scary and the two of them are inseparable. I am writing to you now to let you know we have emigrated to Australia and the girls are living out their time here in the land of big sky and sunshine. You would not believe how these dogs have travelled! They went by sea to the Falkland Islands, a journey that took 4 weeks. Spent 9 months there with us and then travelled back to the UK, another 4 week trip by sea. 4 weeks later they flew out to the States and we lived there for 2 years with them living the American way of life. And finally we flew them to Australia the long way round via Hawaii, where they spent 6 weeks in quarantine before moving to Canberra with us. Thank you for providing us with such wonderful pets who are now a little grey and stiff but in good health!

Haidee Bourne (Australia)


.. to let you know what a wonderful purchase she has turned out to be. Saffy is very loving, calm and intelligent and has become a big part of our family. Enoy the photos and thank you.

Sean Jackson

SAM GRIFFIN (Jimjoy Pearl Diver)

Sam has grown up the spitting image of his dad, Bramley.  Sam is much loved, full of bounce and a great character.

Mark and Ingrid Griffin


... unfortunately we recently had to have him put to sleep. We have had 12½ years of  joy and friendship from Sam. He was well behaved, intelligent and fantastic with the children. We all really miss him. I would like to take the time to thank you for all the years of pleasure we had from one of your dogs .

Kathryn Lichfield (Derbyshire)


.. We are having a fabulous time with him and he is now well and truly part of the Sampson household. Thank you so much for such a delightful puppy.

Marie and Midge Sampson, (Somerset)


Just to let you know that Scampi has settled in well. A typical puppy, full of mischief and the house descends into mayhem whenever he’s awake, then a sigh of relief and heart melting cuteness when he’s sleeping! ... Thank you for providing us with another adorable pup. We will do our best to make sure he’s as happy as Leo.

Nicky Bagnall (Worcestershire)


Thank you very much for our choc Lab 'Scooby' .... He has fitted in really well with our family and is a complete joy. As you can see, he loves swimming!

Julia Forbes


.... He loves walking and is a proper gentleman when he meets other dogs off the lead. We go walking at the gravel pits and he always, without fail, dives into every gravel pit if filled up with water. He loves swimming. I will now start to train him myself. He is very quick to learn and would make a fabulous dog to work with picking up, so I am looking forward to the challenge.

Julie Gunning (Newbury, Berks)

SHADOW [Jimjoy Young Ace]

Just thought I would let you know we had Shadow to the vet's last night and he passed with flying colours. He travelled home well and slept most of the way. He has settled in well and is almost house trained.  We are very pleased with him and will let you know how he grows up.

SHERPA UPTON [Jimjoy Sir Daniel]

It's 8 years since we collected our beautiful yellow boy from you. He has the most gentle and loving nature and is loved by everyone who knows him, none more so than ourselves and me especially. He won my heart the very first time we visited you and I held him in my arms. He is still very puppy like at times and full of mischief. Every day is a joy. So I wanted to say to you both thank you for giving me the joy of loving a Jimjoy Labrador.


It is now 10 years of absolute joy of having my very own Jimjoy Labrador ... my beautiful, loyal, mischievous Sherpa!!! It has been a very long time since I sent you a thank you for breeding such beautiful looking and wonderfully natured Labradors, so I thought that this time I would add photos of my boy with my heartfelt thanks for making it possible for me to have had so far 10 years of complete joy and love with my Sherpa. He is planning on growing old disgracefully, which suits me fine as he just adores life and embraces every day as if he were a 6 month old pup!! Many thanks once again.

A very sad update:

This is for me the hardest email for me to send you as it is to let you know that we have lost our Beautiful Boy Sherpa in September .. He was just one month and a day short of his 13th birthday. But it is also an easy email to send because of the endless wonderful Joy he brought into our lives everyday from the moment he came home with us to the very end. He was my constant shadow and gentle mischievous bear right till the very last .. he embraced life to the full and when on the last day here on earth with us, he did it his way... His vet came to the house and found Sherpa and I lying on his blanket in his favourite spot in our garden ... He was so determined to get there even though it was a struggle for him .. But once settled there he rolled on his back for a couple of tummy rubs! Just before the end he lifted his Beautiful Head and gave me one last kiss and then fell peacefully asleep in my arms. He was so loved by everyone who met him ... His nature was pure Jimjoy which for me says it all ... Thank you so very much for having given me the "gift" of becoming a much better person because I have been loved and owned by a Jimjoy Labrador.... My amazing Sherpa ... I hope and pray that when the pain of his passing eases that you will allow me to once again have the privilege of having our lives filled  again with that special joy of loving a Jimjoy Labrador. I attach one of the very last photos I have of him taken earlier this year..

Trizia Upton


Thank you for the most wonderful black puppy, he is without a doubt perfect in every way. We cannot thank you enough for your obvious love for your animals and for the support given on collection and offered throughout. May be back in the Spring to fetch him a playmate.

Victoria and Ian Davey (Staffordshire)

SIMBA MORGAN [Jimjoy Bisto]

We just wanted to write and say a thank you for our wonderful chocolate Labrador. Simba shared our life for 14 years until we sadly had to make the horrible decision to let him go. He was a wonderful family companion, who enriched our lives from day one. Simba grew up with our children and eventually our grandchildren. Simba was a gentle, happy, intelligent, handsome, loyal dog with endless patience, who enjoyed many life adventures, including living in the Spanish mountains, which he loved! Simba was the perfect family pet. We are so lucky to have had him in our lives. Rest in peace our choccy boy.

Maryshia Morgan


Just thought we would let you know that Skye has settled in very well. In fact, the minute she stepped over the threshold she made our house her own!!! After a week or so of trying to make herself top dog at just 10 weeks old (!) she has calmed down nicely. Skye is very confident, feisty, outgoing  and quick to learn. Quite a little character! We have started dog training and from the word go she has been walking to heel, sitting, doing a nice recall, etc, so I think she has a lot of potential.

Amanda Prescott (Shropshire)


I would just like to thank Mr and Mrs Colley for breeding such a lovely dog as they have for me. Smudge is a loving dog and I am so pleased I purchased him.  

Will Penny


.. It's hard to believe Sophie is a year old this week! She is such a beautiful dog (although it is expected I would say that!) and I'm ashamed to admit so much my favourite! She stands so beautifully square without any interference (shame the horse won't do the same in a dressage test!). Anyway one year on almost since she arrived and time to look back just a bit and I wanted to say how glad we both are we found you and Jimjoy Labradors! We will be celebrating her birthday with a chilled bottle of champagne - us that is, not the dogs!!

Fiona Corner (Oxford)


... and yes, I live like a queen!

Sarah Hickman (West Midlands)


Stanley is a lovable dog and just to say thank you.

Kim and Mark Ferrier (Southampton)

STELLA [Jimjoy November Novelty] AND KOFI COX

Kofi is a little character, into everything as puppies are, but he and Stella are quite different personalities. Stella seems to have grown up since we've had Kofi and she's quite calm and such a good girl. Kofi, however, seems to think it's really funny now he can reach up on the worksurface in the kitchen, he has a thing about stealing tea towels, he will often give them to Stella, which gets them both into trouble!

Jo and Steve Cox (West Midlands)

STELLA GOUVEIA (retired brood bitch)

I just wanted to update you on the progress of ex-brood bitch Stella who we rehomed from you.  She is now fully settled in with us and has her feet well under the table!  ... we are very proud of her and receive many compliments on how beautiful Stella is.

Vicky Gouveia


We chose Jimjoy on recommendation, mainly due to temperament, and I can honestly say that she is delightful, a real ray of sunshine. Thank you, see you again as soon as I think she needs a play pal!

Jeremy Binns

SUNNY CARTER (Jimjoy Life of Laughter)

Sunny has become a super member of our family and is so well behaved and relaxed around visitors.

Rhian Carter


Suzi is an absolute delight and everyone is smitten with her - all 7 of us. She is turning out to be quite a clever dog, sitting for us from the first week here. She happily fetches her duck and is learning to give it back. She loves teasing our rabbit. We have been to a couple of puppy parties at the vets and Suzi had a great time flooding the place by digging the water out of the bowl and then lying in it! ...Thanks for my new baby, I was always a cat person up until now but I can't imagine life without her now.

Tracey Barnfield and family (Cheltenham)


Just want to let you know that our adorable chocolate  lab puppy is doing really well.He has settled in really well. He is extremely intelligent and there is never a dull moment in the house! We are taking him on his first holiday to the seaside as he loves the water. He has brought so much fun and laughter to my life words alone cannot explain.

Debbie Greet


... She has just started to swim, crawling into water from her tummy, just like her namesake, and most unlike our previous labs who entered water with a high dive and a belly flop. I am sure you will know she is happy and well loved and has developed her niche in an extended human family, which includes two other Labradors and a miniature schnauzer (the boss).


I just thought you would like to know that Tarka has been registered as a P.A.T. dog and she has just done her first assignment today. She was absolutely brilliant. We went to a special school where there were seriously disabled children and she was an absolute star. Brilliant temperament.

Rowan and Norman Jenkins


Just wanted to say thank you for our wonderful puppy. He has settled into our family well and we are totally 100% in love with him. He is such a clever and well behaved boy. He is very chilled out too, let's hope he stays that way!

Catherine and Danny Flavell

TESS SNEATH [Jimjoy Sensational Star]

We are so pleased we adopted her from you and look forward to many years of enjoyment. We were absolutely thrilled with her Kennel Club name, she really is a Sensational Star to all who meet her.

Tracey, Mick, Danny and Joshua Sneath (Leics)


Thistle is now seven months old and has been an utter joy since the moment we got her. Easy to house train, great round the horses and all farm stock nearby, oh and had better not forget the grandchildren - she is fab with them  too! Her temperament is golden and without fail is always commented upon and complimented (we ALWAYS  recommend you!). Please keep us in mind for another show quality/ breeding potential bitch. Thank you for such a good bitch pup.

Ann McFarlane (Renfrewshire)


We thought that you may like to see our much loved member of the family. He is now 10 years old, coming up to 11 and is still as lovely and active as ever.

Wendy Clarke

TILLY GOULTY (Jimjoy Bucks Fizz]

Tilly was my first dog and I'm forever grateful that I found her through you. She's 10 now and been the most beautiful dog I could ever have wished for. I got her a working cocker spaniel companion 8 years ago as a playmate and they are the best of friends. I also do a fair amount of dog-sitting so Tilly has encountered many hundreds of different dogs and people throughout her life and she has been my helper all along the way. Tilly's temperament has always been impeccable, truly, she has never shown any aggression to any dog or human. People often compliment me on having such a gentle-natured dog. Thank you so much for breeding such beautiful Labradors.

Hedy Goulty


We bought Tilly from you in late July and she has settled so well into the family. We are taking her to puppy classes and she knows a lot of commands. She loves going for walks on the beach and swimming in the sea. Everybody says how gorgeous she is. She even likes going to the vets, probably because the puppy classes are held there. Thank you for such a lovely puppy. We are so glad we got her.

The Sellers Family (Weston-super-Mare)

TOBI DURN [Jimjoy Wild and Free]

I was just browsing the photo section of your site when I noticed that you have no details for the puppy in photo number 09. This is Jimjoy Wild and Free or, as we know him, Tobi (as in Tobi-le-rone). He is nearly 4 now and enjoying life to the full with gun dog and agility training (but only for fun). We are planning to send you some newer pictures soon.

Jeff Durn


When we came to you we had only lost our lovely Bracken (also a Jimjoy) a couple of months before and the dog shaped hole in our lives was huge. Well Toby has certainly filled the void and put the smiles back on our faces! He is so affectionate and such a handsome chap, all the family and our friends love him to bits. He absolutely adores water (even a muddy puddle will do) and going for walks in the woods. Toby is a happy dog always wanting to play and make new friends. His temperament is 1st class and all in all he has made our lives complete again, simply we love him to bits. Thank you for such a lovely dog who gives us so much pleasure.
Debbie and Dave Bodley (Bromsgrove)


Tommy has certainly 'got his paws under the table'!  He settled in well, as you said he would, and he is developing as a lively, loving character. He is joyous! Thanks again for your support and most of all for Tommy.

Jan Latham (Wombourne)

TOSHY VALTORTA [Jimjoy Cappucino]

Just to let you know that after nearly 13 years of faithful companionship  we had to have our dear Toshy put to sleep before Christmas. She had the most wonderful nature and was just a dream of a dog. She went everywhere with us and was loved by all. As you can imagine we're missing her terribly and when the right time comes I'll certainly be back in touch for another Jimjoy chocolate lab.

Many thanks for the years of enjoyment  that she gave us.

Hazel Valtorta (France)


We thought we'd drop you a quick note to say thank you, because nineteen years ago we purchased a puppy from you, we called her Turner, sadly she passed away in the November of 2005. We had fifteen and a half brilliant years with her, we never had any trouble with her, her temperament was as beautiful as she was, we still miss her loads. Thank you for giving us this special time.

The Farmer Family

TRUELY PORTER [Jimjoy Truely Scrumptious]

.. After our first attendance at the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme training event we were approached by the owner of a yellow Lab who asked "Where did you get her from? She's so well behaved." In fact, she was much better behaved than a number of the other pups attending the event. She is really well behaved and a pleasure to have amongst our family. I walk her three times a day and each time she is off lead and each time she trots alongside me, happy as larry. She is obedient and friendly and everybody loves her. And as far as I'm concerned ... I adore her.

Tracey Porter (Worcester)


I've just been looking at your new website and wanted to say how great it is. I especially loved seeing the video of Hickory Jack running around as he is my dog's father! She runs and bounds about just like him! Truffle is adored by my 8 year old black male lab and she idolises him - despite teasing him at every opportunity! She has a beautiful temperament and loves to have cuddles. She is a quick learner too - she saw our cat go through the catflap on her first night here and she would let herself in and out - no training needed! Mind you, as she got too big to fit through, she thought she needed to take it off the door!!  I can not imagine life without her.

Bernadette Crisp


Tyton has settled in really well from the moment we got home! He loves everyone and everything and is a fantastic character! He is growing very quickly and is now nearly 5 months. He loves walking to school as he has a big fuss made of him by my daughter's friends, as you can imagine! The first night we had him he slept in his bed in the kitchen and has done ever since with no problems at all. He loves to race from room to room for about 10 minutes and will then fall asleep! ... We are really happy that we have such a super new member of the family and very glad that we found you.


... Tyton is nearly 2 years old and still as fun loving and energetic and still loves everybody and everything as much as when we first had him!! He has a wonderful character and nature and is much loved and pampered!!

Alison Wint (Wolverhampton)


.. Uma gets better everyday. He no longer looks like a little bear. The other day he got stuck - he managed to get his head and shoulders through the railings on the wall and then couldn't go backwards or forwards. Eventually we managed to manoeuvre him out with no damage done, but hopefully he won't do that again!! And his best trick is when his water bowl is full - he stands in it and splashes all the water out with his paws. You won't be surprised to hear that he no longer gets Evian to drink - a bit expensive for splashing in!! He had his first visit to the beach last week and loved the waves and the wash and was fantastic at staying to heel when we took his lead off ... and he's brilliant in the garden - it's on 3 terraces so he's often out of sight digging up the cactus!!, but comes instantly when I call him - probably the treat training rather than his longing to see me, but at least it works!

Melanie and Tony Wilson (Spain)


We just wanted to let you know what a lovely dog our "Winston" is growing into.  He's just over 6 months old now and an absolute delight.  The children love him and he is very patient and gentle with the littlest one. He didn't cry at all when we got him home and was house trained within 3 weeks.  He hasn't caused any damage and really is a delight. We just wanted to say thank you once again.

Kerry & David Andrews


We never let you know how delightful a dog she is. Her kennel name is Wild Child and it truly matches her description. She is called Yorda and we absolutely love her to bits. She is extremely good looking to the extent that we are getting stopped by people on the street and asked about her. Her character is amazing- we call her little humanoid as she is so smart we think she believes she is one of us. Fun, eager to please and pleasure to spend time with. I attach a few pictures of her. Thank you very much.


... We couldn't have wished for a better dog.  Like all puppies they do have their moments (!) but he is generally as good as gold. He is bubbly and cheeky, loves people and, as you can see, he has taken to home comforts!! I hope you find the pictures of interest and we would have no hesitation in using Jimjoy Labradors again in the future or recommending you as a breeder.

Chris Elliot


We acquired Zeus from you six years ago and he has been an absolute joy. I've attached a couple of paintings I've done of him between other commissions.

Peter Wallace


We got Ziva from you on 10 January to help our son with Special needs to form a bond, and make a friendship.  We couldn't have wished for a better puppy.  She has settled in really well and has been really easy to train, even picking up on signed commands rather than spoken, so that our disabled son can sign command as he has no speech.  She has a wonderful temperament and has fitted into family life with ease.  We all love her to bits, and are often told when we are out with her what a beautiful puppy she is.  We all think that anyway but it's nice to know that others think it too.  We will being starting Bronze Training Class in a little while having completed Puppy class.  Ziva has loved puppy class and is really eager to learn. Thank you for introducing us to a very important member of the family and my disabled son's new best friend.

Janine Keppy